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(Personally, I'd have their relationship begin during their seventh year, and the terrible ordeals they suffered together under the Carrows...)
Hannah left Hogwarts in sixth year after her mother died. And I thought she was among the ones who did not return for their seventh year. She did however come back on May 2nd for the Battle of Hogwarts.

Maybe you could have her working along with the others in the post-war restructuring and clean up. You could have the two of them come in a very casual contact while helping out in their own way that summer. And then let the casual relationship develop.

I see them getting married some after the rest of the gang too. (But maybe Draco/Astoria would be more suitable in the third placement. Just my fantasy )

Also, you say life would be hectic for them for a year or two. Yet, when we talk about Hannah taking over the Leaky Cauldron, I imagine that happening later in her life for instance. Perhaps her father owned it for some years after the War and then she takes over.

Is there any part of the world you feel like Neville would especially like studying Herbology?

In my story I had him take a trip to Assyria. That's where he got his Mimbulus Mimbletonia from. You could have him go there.

Does Neville really express an explicit dislike for writing in any of the books?

I see Neville as some one who wouldn't use much of any of the books in the classroom. You know like a professor who just asks the students to put away the books, and learn through the practical aspects of Herbology. His findings could be published in some Herbology journal or refered to on the Wireless, but he probably won't write a book. But thats just my take.

Like Inverarity said though, you've a free rein over the actual years. Over how many years are you actually planning your story? Generally speaking, Jo has given us, (till yet, I hope ) very few Neville details to be going on with for 19 years.

Can we just have the Encyclopedia already.