Okay, I'm working on a drabble for the Bonfire day prompt and was wondering how plausible it would be for some of the conspirators to be working under the control of a wizard using the Imperius curse...

What are all y'alls' thoughts on the following:

1. How long does the imperius curse last? Until the caster stops it? Does the caster have to pay constant attention to the spell for it to continue?

2. Do the caster and victim have to remain within a certain physical proximity of each other for the spell to continue to work?

3. Can a muggle fight off the imperius curse like a magical person can?

4. How complicated can the instructions given to an imperiused person be? Can you force someone to do something that you know how to do but the person being controlled doesn't?

5. Come to think, how exactly does one give instructions to the person they are imperiusing?

I don't have any of my books with me, so any citations would be super useful. Many thanks to all!