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Thread: Name Help For... Anthropomorphic Personifications

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    Name Help For... Anthropomorphic Personifications

    As some of you may know, one of my OCs is Mortimer Deathly, the Minister of Death. He's in charge of the Death room in the Department of Mysteries, and essentially the Grim Reaper. (Read "Oh No, Nott Again" or "Lord Voldemort and the Deathly Hallows" if you want to meet him, though I can't see why you would want to.)

    Well, I want names for the people in charge of the other Department of Mysteries rooms for an upcoming Theodore Nott story.

    I want their names to link them to their theme, like how Mr. Deathly's name none too subtly implies what he does.

    *TIME ROOM: A dorky teenage boy, shy, blond hair, glasses, awful social skills.

    *SPACE ROOM: (The one with the planets, though I'm making it in charge of the geography of the earth and the rest of the universe) A large Valkyrie-like woman with long dark red hair and an imperious manner.

    *LOVE ROOM: The "tortured poet" type romantic dude, very Mr. Darcy-like and old fashioned with long wavy black hair and a waistcoat and a tendancy to say very romantic things. Theodore can't stand him.

    *MEMORY ROOM: A little adorable (but very precocious) five-year-old girl in a frilly pink dress and long golden ringlets.

    *PROPHECY ROOM: An old, very strict McGonagall-type woman with a no-nonsense manner who does not romanticize prophecies. She organizes the little glass balls of prophecies obsessively, and harbours a grudge against the DA for destroying them.

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    A few ideas...

    Space Room woman:
    Venus Galaxia

    Memory Room girl:
    Simra Dementia (Simra means memory in Sanskrit, apparently)

    Love Room:
    Giovanni Amarissima (Giovanni as in Don Giovanni, as in Don Juan)
    Eros Amour (Eros being greek for romantic or passionate love, Amour being French for the same)

    That's all I've got for now. I'll add more if I think of it.

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    Schmergo.. exactly how "un-subtle" do you want to be?

    Time Room - Chronus.. Timely, Timesworth.. Ticksworth..Tickle?
    Space Room - Terra/Tara Cosmey
    Love Room - Philemon or Phileas Lovelace ("philos" - to love, "philemon" - affectionate)
    Prophecy Room - Cassandra Clairvoyant

    Edit: Or you can be cheesy and name her Claire Voyant.

    I can't think of anything halfway acceptable for the little girl in the memory room - I've been thinking Mnemone or Mnemosine (muse of memory in greek mythology), Mnemone Radford has already been (I don't know whether that should deter you) - so has Cassandra Trelawney.

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    Yay! Names! * Opens up Google*

    Dorky teenage time room boy - 'Horatius', from Latin hora meaning time, hour, season. Or you could use Horace, although Slughorn already has that name. Also Horatio, Horacio, etc.
    - 'Chronus' or 'Chronos' Maybe combined with another word, would make a good last name.
    - 'Zaman', Arabic for time, age, era. Era is 'Idan' in Hebrew.
    - 'Dag' meaning day, in Scandinavian languages. And the English meaning suits the character too.

    Old-fashioned romantic love room man - Eros, Romeo, Amour, Amor...
    - 'Agapios', Greek for love. Also Erastus, Erastos, Rastus.

    ... that's all for now. Might have more later

    Good luck Schmergo!


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    *TIME ROOM: I'm all for the painfully obvious, so what about something like Hour Glass or Tick-Tock Clock? (On second thought, not that last one. Sounds like a kid's show.)

    *SPACE ROOM: Something with Mars, 'cause it's the red planet. . . . And maybe a moon or something? (I don't have all of them memorised.)

    *LOVE ROOM: Ooh, I know! His name could be Sapphire, and then Theo could call him a Sap!

    *MEMORY ROOM: Because she's precocious, a long name, I think. . . . Mary-Sue Elizabeth Ann Past? (Tee hee, couldn't resist the Mary-Sue part.)

    *PROPHECY ROOM: Something to do with the word strict? Maybe _____ Strictler?

    Gah, sorry if that wasn't much help. I'm dreadful at names. . . .

    - Katie

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    Here are some names I came up with as working names, but if anyone else has better ideas, please continue to post.

    *TIME: Horatio Clocksworth or Horation Weeks. (I thought of 'Cogsworth,' like in "Beauty and the Beast", but I managed to excercise a little self control.)

    *SPACE ROOM: Ingrid Cosmos. "Ingrid" was the mother of the earth, and this woman controls the geography of earth and the universe.

    *LOVE ROOM: Rhys Lovelace. (Lovelace-- wonderful name.) 'Rhys' means 'ardor of passion,' which I thought was perfect.

    *MEMORY ROOM: Sophie Histoire. The full name means 'wisdom of the ages,' which I think is apt. Plus, it's French, and she strikes me as French-ish.

    *PROPHECY ROOM: I'm going to go with Claire Voyant, because she has absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever, and it works so well...

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    I just had a thought for the Love man.

    He seems like a sort of Romantic poet type to me, and I like the name Lovelace to get the point across, so:

    Byron Lovelace
    Shelley Lovelace


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    *TIME ROOM: Quinten!

    *SPACE ROOM: Ariadne, Venus maybe?

    *LOVE ROOM: He sounds quite...poetic. Edward, I think. Or Emmet?

    *MEMORY ROOM: Shirley (Like Shirley Temple) or Stella.

    *PROPHECY ROOM: Hmmm...Evangaline, Josephine, *thinks old lady....* Er...I don't know.

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    I like your decisions, Schmergo. . . .

    I especially like "Lovelace." HAPPY FEET!

    Hm. . . . I do have to agree with Quercus -- I don't really like 'Rhys,' for some reason, even though it has a neato meaning. What about 'Bębęte,' which sounds really weird and means 'sappy' in French? I know it sounds like a girl's name, but this guy seems like he'd be a bit girly to me. . . .

    Hope that helped some!

    - Katie

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    I like your choices! They all seem suitable to me.

    For the time room guy, my vote is for Horatio Clocksworth - I like that better than 'Weeks'.

    I do think Rhys would be good for the love man, it seems to me that it would suit him. Then again, Katie's suggestion of Bębęte seems perfect as well, if you want to go for something really strange! And I like Quercus's suggestion of using the name of a real romantic-poet type too.

    Anyway, I think the names you've picked so far have a good mix of strangeness and normalcy, subtlety and obviousness.

    Just some thoughts!

    ~ Chelsea

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