I am looking for someone who can give me help with London's geography, etc. Please only help me if you live there or know the area well. I have visited London, so I don't need that type of perspective. And maps can't help me either.

1.) What would be a logical part of London for my character to live in? She is newly graduated from Hogwarts, lives near the Ministry, is renting a small flat, and the location should be an economical (but safe/not scary) part of the city.

2.) What does this area of London look like? Could you describe it for me? What would her walk to work look like? (Details would be great-- you know how JKR describes the Thestrals eating trash from an overflowing rubbish bin near the visitor's entrance?)

3.) Now could you describe the scary parts of the city for me? What about the nasty sections of the tube? (There are vampires in my story. They live in the bad parts of town and in the underground.)

Well, you probably now have an idea what I am looking for. Feel free to toss in any other information about the London area you think might be useful. I should also add that this was during the Marauder era, directly after they left Hogwarts. I imagine the city has changed a bit since those days (the late 70's-early 80's) but anything helps.

Many thanks,