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Thread: Erm... England...

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    Erm... England...

    Since I live in America, I have absolutely no idea where anything in England and I need a city or area or... something, that is inhabited by Muggles of course. Anyway, what I'm looking for is a place that has lots of remote area arond where a magical family could put their home. Weird post... I know, kind of silly too, but any suggestions?

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    Snape's Talon
    You might want to try posting in the British Culture thread. I find most folks are very helpful there when I'm at a lost with something across the pond.

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    Thanks very much, you are right in guessing I had no idea where to put this one! So this can be moved then, or locked, whichever is preferable.

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    This belongs in the Being British threads. Please post your questions there.

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