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Thread: First Year Class Curriculum

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    First Year Class Curriculum

    I am writing a story about some first years and I was wondering about their Charms, Transfiguration, Potions, etc cirriculum.

    I have a few ideas. I was wondering about Charms. Would they learn Accio in their first year, because it seems relatively simple but Harry didn't learn it until his fourth year. And then for Transfiguration it would have to be something small. Potions, I have no idea. History of Magic, backround info on Hogwarts? I'm really not sure.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sarah Mae

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    Just Beyond the Veil
    The Harry Potter Lexicon had this on what first years did in class.

    They had to study the night skies through their telescopes every Wednesday at midnight and learn the names of different stars and the movements of the planets. (PS8)

    ... Hermione was testing Ron on Astronomy.
    ... [Harry] pulled a map of Jupiter toward him and started to learn the names of its moons. (PS15)
    Hallowe'en: started Wingardium Leviosa
    Exam: make a pineapple dance across the desk
    I really don't think they would have taught Accio in first year. Harry had trouble with it in his fourth. It does something simple, but the spell is not simple.

    Defense Against the Dark Arts:
    classwork varies depending on the teacher, but studies evil magic and creatures and how to cope with them

    year one: general overview
    Teaching students to fly on broomsticks. We have only been shown one class period at the beginning of first year in this subject.
    Students work only in greenhouse 1. They are lectured about such dangerous plants as Devil's Snare, but do not actually work with very dangerous plants.
    History of Magic:
    Extremely boring lectures on various aspects of magical history. However, the boredom is due to Binns' teaching style, not the material itself, which tends to emphasize vicious goblin riots, outright goblin rebellions, and giant wars.
    I think background info on Hogwarts, the founders, and the wizarding world in general would probably work well here.

    Students make simple potions such as boil cure potion (PS8). The final exam included a practical portion requiring the students to make a Forgetfulness Potion (PS16).
    McGonagall's Animagus Transfiguration (PS1)

    McGonagall changes her desk into a pig (PS8)

    students try to change match into a needle (PS8)

    Hermione earning House points in class for knowing about Switching Spells (PS9)

    students trying to turn a mouse into a snuffbox for their end of term Transfiguration practical - extra points for how pretty the snuffbox was, points off if it still has whiskers (PS16)
    Hope that helped!

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    Wow! Chelsea's done an absolutely fabulous job!
    I just thought I'd add my two cents:

    As they're introducing our young witched and wizards to magic, I'd say they'd have to do a lot of theory first (particularly in transfiguration, as that strikes me as one of the hardest subjects). Maybe in potions they could learn how to identify ingrediants and learn how to prepare them for potion-making? In astronomy they could learn about the planets and their many moons before using their telescopes. In DADA I think they'd just be learning a few small defensive spells (they started covering creatures in book 3, well, if you don't count the pixies!), Harry didn't really have many good defensive spells when he was fighting Voldemort.
    Anyway, I hope I helped!
    Good Luck with your fic!

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    Hello, Sarah, Chelsea, and Ellie!

    I don't think that they would learn Accio in their first year. Harry Potter is the most recent year that we know of, and if he only learned and mastered it in his fourth, then I doubt they would have moved it down to first. remember, Harry and Hermione, both, are very talented, and they didn't even know it. What year did it say that they "learned" it in class?

    As for Potions, we have plenty of scenes in the book to tell you that, no worries there. Remember, if we don't know something, that it can't be considered non-canon, especially if you make up a lesson or two. Just keep the canon in there somewhere! Chelsea already filled you in on the rest, so good luck!

    *Clairey Potter*

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