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Thread: November Challenge

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    November Challenge

    Its time to enjoy another lively game of Quidditch.

    The Team Captains for the month of November are...

    Gryffindor: harrypotterfangirl21
    Hufflepuff: Lilykinslove
    Ravenclaw: Shared among team
    Slytherin: NikkiSue

    Try-Outs begin immediately.
    The Match begins on Mon. Nov. 5th
    The Match ends on Wens. Dec. 5 at midnight EST

    First-years, or older students who need reminders, please direct your attention to the Rules of the Game Thread and ask any questions in the Question Thread. Thank you.

    Break out the balls and brooms and get ready to play!

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    Due to a small problem surrounding one of the teams. The QWC will not start on time. The latest it will start will be 6pm CST on Wens. Nov. the 7th. I will adjust the ending date so your teams have a full four weeks to complete the challenge.

    Sorry for the inconvience.

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    Sorry for the late start, but we are finally ready to go.

    Your teams for this round are:
    Gryffindor: harrypotterfangirl21, hermione210, bertiebott12, Stubbornly_appeared
    Hufflepuff: LilykinsLove, whomovedmyquil, Love_is_4ever, tha_looney_one
    Ravenclaw: chasing_willow, thechocolatefrog, Amanda Vega, Pondering
    Slytherin: NikkiSue, Pepper Imp, starkllr, apollo13

    And your prompt:

    ďSomethingís Not Right Here.Ē

    It was supposed to be your typical Quidditch Match, but soon after the balls are released it becomes clear that something is not right; things arenít going the way they should be and itís to the detriment of your team. Believing that the other team is cheating, and finding that the referees are of no help, your team must discover whatís wrong and fix it, all while still playing a Quidditch Match. Can your team figure out the mystery before itís too late?

    For this challenge we want to see a Quidditch filled Mystery Match. The mystery can be anything of your choosing. The Match can set in any era and at any level of Quidditch you choose (Hogwarts, professional, etc.). For this challenge you will be limited to one time-out. Part of this challenge is solving the mystery while the game is still going on around you.
    As always questions can be asked in the Question Thread or PMed to one of the referees.

    This challenge will now end on Wens. Dec. 5 at midnight EST.

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    The Challenge is now closed. Judging will begin soon.

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    Itís that time again, but first I would like to thank the teams for putting up with the some of the issues that cropped up during this challenge and for continuing to write in spite of them. Just so you know, the Referees had a long talk about them and some of the rules will be amended for the next round, including a section on alternates.

    Secondly, Kumydabookworm has moved on so I would like to introduce you to our new referee, red and gold. Thanks, red and gold, for joining the team - you've been a wonderful help already.

    Now on to the critiques.

    Gryffindor: The game itself was very well written with lots of action and movement, commentating, reaction from the fans, and interaction with refs. Your pace, flow, and technical aspects were good. However, it felt like your dialogue was a little overdone at times; you should add some more description in-between. Your plot seemed a little straightforward, so some more creativity and mystery feeling would have helped. Lastly, we caught some Americanisms so watch out for those. Overall good job with the Quidditch, you just need to work on some the other aspects.

    Hufflepuff: Failed to submit an entry.

    Ravenclaw: You started off following the prompt with some good creativity and a nice sense of mystery. Also the setting, action and the description of the Quidditch game itself were good. However, the constant tense-shifting made the story very hard to follow, and there were several spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors throughout. The flow was off in several places, and the story switched too quickly from the poltergeist to Romilda Vane, leaving some plot confusion for the reader. You had some nice ideas and recovered wonderfully from losing your Captain, but remember to Beta each others' work.

    Slytherin: Your Match had nice characterization, creativity, pace, and humour. There was one or two instances where the flow jumped, but it wasnít a major issue. We would have liked to have seen more description of the game - it was a little too focused on the people at times. Also, we found some technical errors, and we missed the sense of mystery that the prompt asked for. Overall you had some great ideas, and nice use of creativity with the prompt.


    And the winner of the November 2007 Quidditch World Cup is:


    Congratulations, Gryffies! Gonz and I would like to present you with this banner, made by Ritta/mugglemathdork.
    Wear it with pride!


    Well done, teams! We look forward to next season!
    Gonz and Andi/red and gold

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