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Thread: Tom Riddle's...erm...needs

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    Tom Riddle's...erm...needs

    Alright. So. WE all know quite well that Voldemort never loved, but he is still human... mostly. And when he was younger, he was in fact fully human. Now, a human 16-15 year old boy, I'm sure would have... erm... urges. And, I think that Tom, being someone who wants to seem in control and powerful, may take pried in a trophy girl. Is it plausible? As well, I can quite imagine said girl being fully aware of this, and merely using Tom as a link to the power he has over people.

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    red haired mom
    I could see a girl similar to Pansy Parkinson, but I don't think he would have much use for her.

    I know teenaged boys are supposed to be all about the hormones, but I think he could be an exception.

    Fame, glory, immortality, things like that would be the most important things to him. Not getting some girl to do things every other boy is thinking about.

    I hope that helped.

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    I definitely think it could be plausible.

    It's pretty clear from canon that he was busy plotting to become immortal, killing muggleborns etc. even when he was in school, so his evil activities would have taken priority, but even he wouldn't have been totally occupied with them. Furthermore, as a Slytherin developing links with people who had power and people who he could have power over was quite important to him (think Slug Club). He was also apparently quite the charmer - all the teachers thought he was wonderful and that could certainly extend to girls as well.

    This reminds me a lot of how I imagine Draco/Pansy: She's a little bit obsessed with him and wants attention for going out with him; he's happy to accept whatever she offers him. I don't think Tom would be going out with someone as stupid as Pansy though:
    As well, I can quite imagine said girl being fully aware of this, and merely using Tom as a link to the power he has over people.
    I can definitely imagine that. And there'd have to be multiple benefits for him - she would probably be from a pretty respected family and would boost his image as well as... erm... satisfying him. So basically they'd both be using each other for image - although they'd both pretend otherwise to each other, even though they know perfectly well that they both know what the relationship's all about.

    Wendy said she thinks he might be an exception to the raging hormones generalisation of teenaged boys. Yeah, he might be, but if you want him to have a girl in your story, he might not be. If you write him IC, it could work well! I don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that he's susceptible to... urges... like other teenagers, but like I said, I think he'd be in it for more than just that.

    So, in short: Yes, I think it's plausible, but he wouldn't only be looking for one thing - increasing his own power while he's at it would be his aim. I'm imagining two cunning Slytherins using each other for pleasure and image (Sure, he's busy plotting to take over the world, but building relationships with those in power was an important part of those plans, so why not kill two birds with one stone?). A loveless relationship on both sides.

    Hope I helped!!

    ~ Chelsea

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    Personally, I'm inclined to think that Riddle wouldn't have opted for any sort of trophy girlfriend, as much as a result of the time period of his schooling than his own character.

    Had Tom Riddle grown up in modern society, I could completely understand him using his charms to acquire a trophy girlfriend. I think he would have spotted very early on that having a relationship from a young age would set him apart from the majority of his peers, and the idea of power within the relationship would also appeal greatly. Whether or not he would find anyone at Hogwarts whom he saw fit enough to even sit at his side is somewhat doubtful though, and even if he did, I cannot imagine that it would appeal to him very far into his education. If he was already killing and plotting immortality when he was at school, I cannot see the appeal of holding sway over the opposite sex lasting beyond his third - or maybe at a stretch forth - years there. I believe he would find the commitment and effort required deeply laborious long before then.
    I would also tread very carefully around the Draco/Pansy combination, because Draco and Voldemort are very different characters. Draco, the classic only child and mummy's boy, clearly revels in Pansy's adoration (and I think we can extend this to anyone who likes him). Riddle, on the other hand, liked adoration as a means to an end - rather than an end itself. He collected followers, while Draco has friends (even if it is a rather dominant friendship with Crabbe and Goyle). Voldemort charmed his fellow students to become forerunners for the Death Eaters, and the staff in order to gain knowledge that Dumbledore might have otherwise steered him away from. I cannot see Riddle lying with his head on a girls lap - unless he thought he could gain something seriously powerful for it. Given that he can charm Hepiziah out of her heirlooms with flowers and a smile, putting him in a high school relationship with a fellow student seems rather frivolous.

    All that said, however, Riddle is not a child of the nineties. The first half of the twentieth century is not historically noted for his high school relationships (stupid sentence, but you know what I mean), and I certainly don't imagine Riddle would gain any respect for doing so. Even amongst his peers, the notion of having a girlfriend at that age would be more peculiar than inspiring. Add to this the question of "needs" and it's approaching the ridiculous. I also can't see any pure-blood Slytherin worth their salt liking an orphan boy of muggle upbringing and uncertain blood, no matter how charming he was. With the Bellatrix/Rodolphus arranged marriage idea holding so much weight here (and that - need I point out - was at a far more liberal time than Voldemort's school life) I think we can safely rule out any parent being glad of having Riddle courting their daughter. Nor can I see the teachers - who Riddle was trying to charm - being too happy about it. Yes, he could have undoubtedly kept it quiet - but that would seem to be rather self-defeating giving the reasons people have suggested he might do so.

    ...and finally, of course, there is the love - which, as we know so well - Voldemort doesn't understand, or care about. He sees the idea as worthless and weak, and we need only look at the way he treats his followers to ascertain that he is rather more fond of fear and pain as a measure of influence.

    Well, those are my ever cynical two cents.

    Oh, and as an afterthought, Voldemort wouldn't be the first genius to completely reject relationships and needs in order to pursue his studies. I believe I am correct in saying that Isaac Newton never courted anyone, and proudly died a virgin, having preached of the distractions of relationships. He might have been right, but then again Newton also stuck a needle in his eye to test his theory of optics. Personally, I think I'll pass on both of his levels of commitment.

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    Very interesting! Wouldn't Tom Riddle the power-crazed teenager have like someone? Only if that girl had powers beyond him. Of course that girl might be OC, but I can't see him with anyone else. This girl could be a Pansy Parkinson or someone harder to catch. There are more good students than evil in Hogwarts from my point of view, so this girl might have been good only pureblood. Tom only seeks power and would only suck it from the person like a leech, so this girl might be wise and avoid him. But, of course JKR didn't mention anything about Voldy's love life, only in DH Lily is dead and Voldy said Snape could get a woman of purer blood and more worthy of him. So anyways Tom wouldn't really care about girls unless the girl had power. Well hope I helped!

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    I can envision Tom courting a girl, but I think she'd have to be a means to an end. I can completely envision him courting a rich pure-blood girl to gain access to other rich pure-bloods in her family. He needed to do a lot of meticulous research into his own lineage and as we saw in Grimmauld Place, that sort of information is easily gained in old pure-blood homes. I don't really see him using her for the "needs" you described though. I tend to picture it to be more in line with what sort of people she could introduce him to and what sort of dark objects and books she could give him. I really picture him as being a very 'no physical contact' sort of person. Hope that's of some help!

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    Apparently, Tom Riddle was a very handsome young man and I think girls would've definitely found him attractive. Once they found out his true character? Hmmmn..maybe not so much. But I could totally see him with some snooty Slytherin pure blood at one time or another. I don't think he would've ever had a girlfriend for long. He was too self centered and power-hungry. Hope I helped!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AurorKeefy
    I cannot see Riddle lying with his head on a girls lap - unless he thought he could gain something seriously powerful for it. Given that he can charm Hepiziah out of her heirlooms with flowers and a smile, putting him in a high school relationship with a fellow student seems rather frivolous.
    Well, I sincerely doubt he'd go around holding hands with girls and calling them "snookums." (GAG. ME. PLEASE.) But I definitely think it's plausible for him to use them -- whether for power reasons or for. . . needs. Personally, I don't tend to think of Tom Riddle in such a way, but to each his own.

    Quote Originally Posted by AurorKeefy
    I also can't see any pure-blood Slytherin worth their salt liking an orphan boy of muggle upbringing and uncertain blood, no matter how charming he was.
    ZOMG. I SO AGREE. In fact, I made a point of addressing this in my fic regarding Tom's Sorting. Heir of Slytherin or not, he was STILL a half-blood -- and a poor orphaned one at that. Slytherins probably would have respected him EVENTUALLY -- but out of fear more than actual "respect."

    I can see Tom using a girl, and her ignoring it because in her eyes he's perfect. You know, she could think that he really does love her and that red gleam in his eyes is just a trick of the light and such. . . . Wow, I'm getting major plot bunnies here.

    What I can't see is her NOT knowing. Tom might be able to put up a convincing facade, but come ON now. He's LORD VOLDEMORT. (Or he will be, anyway.) He has no concept of love, nor does he have any concept of affection, adoration, or any other type of romantic feeling. Tom may be a magnificent actor to fool his teachers and peers, but someone that's "close" to him for an extended period of time would surely have to notice that he's using her. But chances are, the girl doesn't care.

    As for her wanting the power being his girlfriend can bring. . . eh. I'm not saying it's impossible, because it's not. But if Tom would find out (and come on, he probably would, as at this age he probably has a basic grasp of Legilimency already, plus he can be "persuasive" when he needs to be) what would he do? Kill her? (AU, but still.) Torture her? (Definitely plausible. "I can make them hurt if I want to," remember?) That could go in an interesting direction, but it could also go AU. You're walking a pretty fine line here.

    So, in short: Yes, he might have had "needs," as you've dubbed it, but tread with caution on this issue so he doesn't go OOC and lovey-dovey. Like I said, it's a fine line. . . just try not to cross it.

    - Katie

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    riddles love life

    Well, I think it is definitly plausible that he would have those...needs, but I can only envision him going for a pureblooded female with a high society family. Then I could see him taking advantage of her position and using it to his advantage. JKR said that he doesn't understand love so this would be strictly for his benefit. That being said I think he'd be charming and sweet to her face so that she doesn't feel unimportant but have this dark, power hungry plan devised in his head.

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    When he was at school, he was still pretty much completely human (his soul was still intact, if a bit tarnished), so physically I think he'd have exactly the same degree of raging hormones as any other teenage boy. I can't imagine though that he'd bother with any form of relationship. He completely lacks in empathy and would have no interest in being in any way linked, obligated or whatever to another person. He has absolutely no compunction about taking what he wants in other areas of his life and I doubt this would be any different. At best, I think you'd be looking at him satisfying his 'needs' with one night stands and, at worst, I really don't think rape would be in any way unconvincing.

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