Username: lily_evans34
House: Ravenclaw!
Title: Not One Of Us
Word Count: 234
Warnings: Centaurs. Lots of them.

“I hear that you have agreed to serve the human, Dumbledore,” Firenze heard a rough voice behind him say. He turned to see Mangorian standing behind him, wearing a murderous look on his features.

Firenze opened his mouth to speak, trying to find the right words. “Dumbledore was in need of assistance, and I simply agreed-”

“To work for a human! We do not work for them! We are the superior ones!” Mangorian roared, and Firenze glanced nervously around. He could see other centaurs gathering around, drawn to them by Mangorian’s shouts.

“You have betrayed us. You have gone against our beliefs, and so we do not want you in our herd anymore!” he bellowed.

“You cannot do that! I have only agreed-”

“To betray our kind!”

Firenze looked around, desperately searching for a single face that would agree with him, but all of them wore the same distain and scorn as Mangorian’s.

“Listen to me! I-”

But Mangorian did not listen. Firenze could feel his chest shatter as Mangorian struck him once, hard, leaving a mark where his hoof had been. “Now leave! Do not disgrace our kind with your presence any longer!”

Firenze stared around hopefully, clutching the spot where he had been kicked. There was no regret or sorrow on any of their faces. They were all equally stern. Firenze took a last look at them before turning and galloping away.