Author Name: TheEvilBroomstick
House: Ravenclaw
Title: The Song of Death
Word count: 497
Warnings: Character death

Harry, Ron and Hermione trudged through the muddy undergrowth of the thicket. They had recently discovered an indication from Godric’s Hollow that a horcrux laid in that very forest.
“Just one question, mate,” Ron asked of Harry, “When we find, whatever it is we’re looking for, how will we know that it’s a horcrux?”
“We won’t,” answered Harry absentmindedly.
“Oh,” Ron replied.
“Obviously it will be something worthy to have been made into one,” Hermione stated.
“That really narrows it down,” Ron mumbled sarcastically.
That was the last conversation they had in an hour.
The three of them had all gotten use to the silence of their surroundings – only the sounds of breaking branches and small creatures hurriedly running could be heard – so when the sound of a soft singing came, it wasn’t unusual that they all had jumped.
“What is that?” Harry asked looking for where the source of the noise was coming from.
“Sounds like a bird,” Ron said.
“That’s not just any bird, it’s an Augurey,” Hermione told them excitingly, pointing up to a tree. The two boys looked up in the direction of Hermione’s finger and saw a greenish-black bird. Ron suddenly clasped his hands to his ears and told the others to do the same. Harry hesitated a bit and then slowly brought his hands to his ears. Hermione quickly pushed down his left arm.
“Ron, you’re being silly! Anything you’ve heard about the Augurey is a lie,”
“It is not!” Ron voiced, still not taking his hands away from his ears, “My great uncle Bilius’ best friend’s aunt died when she heard the Augurey’s cry!”
“Maybe it was just coincidence – a bird can’t foretell someone’s death!” Hermione said agitated. Harry just stood there, confused at what they were talking about. He looked back up at the bird and saw that it was staring at him. Harry stared back and found he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. It was really a magnificent bird. Crack!
Harry snapped back to reality and was once again found searching for the source of an unknown noise; although, this time it was much harder since Ron and Hermione were still bickering.
“Shh!” He yelled. Ron and Hermione stopped talking and turned to him questioningly. Harry gave them an annoyed look and took out his wand. The others did the same but didn’t know why. Everything was quiet…
“Expelliarmus!” Harry yelled out of instinct, and was glad of it when he noticed that the girl who had jumped out was Bellatrix Lestrange. Hermione started on an incantation.
“Avada Kedavra!” came another voice from behind. A bright green flash issued from the stranger’s wand. Ron and Hermione quickly turned around but he had Apparated before they could see whom it was.
“Ahh!” Hermione shrieked. Ron looked down to where she was looking. Harry was peacefully lying on the ground.
The Augurey overhead stared at the crying duo; then took flight as it gently started to rain.