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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Theme: Fire

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    Name: TheBlackSister
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: When Green Defeats Red
    Warnings: Implied Character Death
    Words: 149 (!)

    She burned like fire.

    Her entire life was a dance of flames, a blur of people, actions, love, hatred, adoration. Wherever she went, she was loved; everyone smiled when they saw her. Her eyes were like two stars that burned bright and lit up everything and everyone around. She could be quiet and studious, but fire was her nature. She was a woman of passion.

    She abhorred darkness. Like a butterfly, she flew around the candle, and it warmed her. She was a candle herself, a bringer of light, yet so easy to blow out.

    Green was her color; the color of her eyes, and, in rare moments of peace, the color of her soul. Red was her color; the color of her hair and nature. These two colors fought in her, fought for full dominance.

    And the green fire put out the red fire one cold Halloween night.

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    Name: apollo13
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Bonfire
    Warnings: None.
    Words: 351

    Okay, I'm not sure whether you Americans have Bonfire night or not. It's baisically a night (5th November) when we light bonfires and have firework displays to remember the day when Catholics tried to blow up Parliement. Odd, yes, I know. It's sometimes called Guy Fawkes night as well, because he was one of the people who tried to blow it up.

    She scooped her long red hair into an elegant ponytail. She smudged smoky grey eye shadow around her warm brown eyes and topped it off with a little black eye liner. Smoky. Seemed fitting for the occasion. She stared into the mirror.

    Remember to smile.

    She smiled at her reflection. A fake smile, as natural as she could make it, but fake all the same.

    She made her way downstairs, which was buzzing with activity.

    “Luna!” she waved over to her friend, who smiled and made her way over.

    “Happy bonfire night, Ginny. The fireworks should be starting soon - have you seen the bonfire?” Luna led Ginny into the back garden, where several people - Weasley’s, family friends and Order members alike, were gathered around a huge bonfire, which cackled and glowed in the pitch black of the night. Ginny made her way to the front and stared into the smouldering embers in the heart of the bonfire. She could feel the searing heat of the fire on her face, despite being several meters away. It made her eyes water, and she was grateful that she could use the excuse of the brightness of the flames. Harry had always hated girls crying, and even though he wasn’t here… she still refused to let tears fall.

    Remember, remember the fifth of November…” Ginny glanced over at the sound of the song. Fred and George, their arms around each other’s shoulders, were chanting the old rhyme into the air.

    Gun powder, treason and plot…

    “Oh, look, Ginny. The fireworks,” said Luna dreamily. Ginny raised her eyes to the heavens, to see a shower of golden sparks explode with a crackling bang, and fall down in a beautiful weeping willow shape.

    She stared back into the fire again. With every back and awed gasp of the crowd around her, Ginny made a wish, still staring into the orange white embers.

    BANG. “Ooooh!”

    Let the war end.

    WHEEE. “Aaaaah!”

    Let Ron, Harry and Hermione come back.

    CRACKLE. “Heeeey!”

    Let Harry come back.

    POOF. Let Harry live.

    SNAP. Let him be okay.

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    Name: bertiebott12
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Slipping Into The Fire
    Warnings: none
    Word Count: 281, short

    She was crumbling. Her whole world was slipping through her fingers; time running so fast. It was as if she had lost control. Her mother was the person that motivated her to keep on fighting in this war. When her daughter was rewarded the badge of a prefect, she had been so proud. She smiled as she patted her shoulder's yellows robes. But now, the hunt for her mother's body had ceased. She really was dead, and wasn't coming back anytime soon. It would take the 17-year-old years to die, years to finally be reunited with the person she loved and respected the most.

    And. even worse, her true love would certainly be killed in the Final Battle. She had to calculate that when Lord Voldemort took over, the world would be over. There would be no use in living anymore. Not even for Ernie. Not even for him. She sighed. In her mind, she knew that she was a nervous wreck, but that she had meaning to be.

    The wind bit her toes, as she moved up closer to the fire. She hadn’t noticed how cold it was outside. She breathed, and saw a white cloud come out of her mouth, and travel into the fire. It’s like my life, she thought. Fading away at full speed, and collapsing into the fire. But am I going to waste it? All that we have been through together?

    Footsteps came up behind her, what leaves were left crunching, coming closer every minute. It’s him. He said he would come. A body came and wrapped itself around the shivering girl. “Don’t give up hope yet, Ernie’s here, Ernie’s got you, Ernie’s your fire.”

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    This is my first drabble in like, a week. I really like the prompt.

    Name: tha_looney_one
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Quiet Fire
    Warnings: Slight AU [Lucius works in an office; Fluff; Loving!Lucius, NotAbused!Draco, Content!Narcissa, Happy!Malfoys
    Words: 277

    Quiet Fire

    Lucius Malfoy is often compared to ice- his cool expression, turned icy when angered, his white- blond hair; even his very manner is cold to everyone.

    His co- workers sometimes wonder if he has any emotion left at all.

    But they hadn’t seen the quiet fire of Lucius Malfoy.

    On family day at work, everyone saw little Draco proudly walking with his dad.
    They didn’t see that the reason behind the child’s confidence- Draco’s little hand was secure in his father’s larger one. They didn’t see the sweets and gentle explanations given to the boy in his father’s office. They didn’t hear the laughter during the lunch period.

    They didn’t see Lucius Malfoy, proud, haughty, and most of all cold Lucius Malfoy leave the office later than everyone but the night guard, carrying his little son tenderly in his arms.

    At the annual Christmas Dance, everyone saw Lucius Malfoy arrive punctually with his wife, Narcissa.
    They didn’t see him courteously bring her only her favorite food and drink. They didn’t see them eating quietly in the corner, all attention on each other for the night. They didn’t see the pair slow dancing in the moonlight, almost teenagers at Hogwarts again. They didn’t see them sitting on the otherwise deserted patio, her perched in his lap, quietly watching the stars.

    They didn’t see Lucius Malfoy, proud, haughty, and most of all cold Lucius Malfoy leaving a little early, arm around his wife, letting her head rest on his shoulder, and quietly kissing her hair like he always had done in school.

    Only those closest to him saw the quiet, unassuming flame of passion deep in cold Lucius Malfoy’s heart.

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    Name: Ravenclaw_Soprano (Lauren)
    House: Rah-Rah-Ravenclaw!!
    Title: Fire in Their Eyes
    Warnings: fluff? Harry/Ginny
    Words: 353

    A plate smashed in the corner of the Weasleys’ small kitchen. The guest turned toward the sound just in time to see long, flaming red hair whip around the doorway as the family’s only girl hid out of his sight.

    He had only seen her at meals, when she refused to look him in the eye, for fear that he might not like her in return. She looked anywhere but his face, but snuck sidelong glances when he wasn’t looking her way; his coal-black hair seemed to catch her eye.

    They passed each other briefly in the stairwells, where she promptly dropped something upon seeing him. He wondered why she was so clumsy, but paid no attention to it, again distracted by the fiery hair that drew his attention.

    The family held a picnic on the lawn, lit by floating lights above their heads. She noticed particularly how his hair reflected the golden light that bobbed and weaved around them.

    He glanced over at the girl across the table, noticing that she was gazing at him. She watched him intently, taking in everything about his face that had gone unnoticed before.

    As he looked back at her, he was surprised to see a hint of flame in her eyes that mirrored the color of her hair. She was thrown into the depths of blackness at the center of his eyes; they were coal and she was the spark.

    As he stared, mesmerized, the fire in her eyes strengthened and grew as she continued to gaze fiercely at him. There appeared a glint of light in his depths that flickered into being. She fostered it, wondering what it might do.

    He felt a warmth creeping up his spine as the fire spread across the gap. He thrust the cold of being an orphan away from him, allowing the flame free reign. She felt the coldness emanating from him and accepted it into her; the overwhelming passion escaped, leaving her normal self behind.

    Rejuvenated, they tore their eyes away from each other. Each thought: I’m not quite sure what happened there…

    But I liked it.

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    Title: To Hold Her Baby
    Warnings: Violence...?
    Words: 468

    Her sobs pierced the night; her desperate cries for mercy went unheeded as he pointed with faint amusement, the weapon which would be her end at her own face.

    “…have mercy…have mercy…Not Harry! Not Harry! Please-I’ll do anything-”

    The baby in the cot behind her had stood up; his small white hands touched her back lightly, he let out a cry, wanting his mother to hold him.
    She bit her lip, tears welling in her eyes. The last thing she would feel would be her baby’s touch…A bright flash of green light filled the little room, it hit her square in the chest and she fell, with tears unshed. She crumpled on the floor, her dark red hair splayed across her face, her green eyes, no longer bright stared, the horror they last felt could still be seen in their depths.
    Now, he stepped over her body and stood right in front of his next prey. The baby started to whine. He wanted his mother to hold him.
    How unbearable were those cries! He wanted to finish this quickly; the fire inside him was burning in his eyes.
    As he uttered those two deadly words, the light left his wand; burning, flaming vicious triumph filled him in that one moment and then it was gone. Pain, fiery vicious pain gripped him, tearing him apart, limb form limb. His body was destroyed, but his soul was not meant to die. It fled; it fled from the house, from the cries of the child.
    The baby had fallen from his standing position, his cries pierced through the night, the house was crumbling, and the flames prevented them being heard.
    His hands were on his forehead, which was a dark red color. It burned him…it hurt, he was not meant to feel pain yet, and he wanted his mother to hold him. But she was dead, lying at the foot of his cot, her eyes still wide open and her ears not responding to her baby’s cries.
    And the house burned still. The body of a tall man with black hair lay near the foot of the stairs: the husband, the father.
    But he was gone also, like his beloved wife. His son cried for him, but his cries went unheeded.
    And the house burned still. The baby’s room was nearly destroyed, but the flames wouldn’t touch the baby. The roof was crumbling too, but the wood wouldn’t fall on the baby.
    The baby now stood again, feeling the heat form his scar and his surrounding. His eyes searched for his mother, his cries had slightly subdued. But then he found her, at the foot of his cot, and she looked at him with those blank eyes, unmoving. He wanted his mother to hold him; he started to cry again.

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    *squeaks in*

    Hello! Here is my drabble:

    House: Hufflepuff!!
    Title: Fire
    Warnings: None
    Words: 391

    “What was that again?”

    Her eyes burned with a fire far redder than her hair. Now that he thought about it, her hair was like fire too, the way it danced down her robes.

    “I said, do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me?”

    “I heard what you said.”

    Well, why did you ask me what I said, thought James in annoyance. She always did that. Ask her a simple question. She was so touchy nowadays. He gazed into the hearth, where a glowing fire threw light onto the walls in all kinds of patterns.

    “Could you answer then?”

    She smiled, the first time James had made her do that for over a month. It wasn’t a case of her not being able to, it was that she didn’t like him. Not a bit.

    James was in for a shock. “Sure!” she laughed, and ran off to the dormitory. It could have been his imagination, but James thought he heard another sigh of relief that wasn’t his own.

    Saturday morning dawned. The fire had burnt itself out, and was now just a few coals, still red but not a fire. Red. Fire. Something stirred in James’ memory. Hogsmeade! She was going with him to Hogsmeade!

    He got up, had breakfast, hung around the common room and talked with friends, while waiting for her to come out. She did not turn up. Even by lunchtime she had not appeared. Everyone around him, with their dates, helped look, but she was not at lunch nor in the common room Where was she? She couldn’t still be in the dorms, she would be starving.

    Suddenly everyone gasped. She had appeared at the top of the steps to the girl’s dormitory, and she looked gorgeous. Her red hair was tied up in a bun, and although she seemed to be wearing normal clothes, she was radiant. She stepped lightly down the steps, took James’ hand, and pulled him off to the door.

    Hogsmeade was better than usual. A large bonfire lit and warmed the way, while carol singers sang. They enjoyed large mugs of butterbeer, and wandered around the various sweet stores trying out samples. James knew something. Fire was everywhere, in bonfires, in grates, in Lily Evans walking beside him, and most of all, in his heart.

    He was fully warm at last.
    Hope its good enough!

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    Title: Catch the Ashes
    House: Hufflepuff
    Warnings: Mental Disorder...but it's only insinuated...
    Words: 313

    Catch the Ashes
    He hates the smell of a hospital. He thinks it smells like alcohol, old people and goodbye. It makes all of his mistakes and fears seem so much more awful and unforgivable. It throws the sad and unhealed things into a vivid homogeneous mixture of white walls, brave faces and empty beds. He turns blue as he tries to hold his breath.

    He walks along hallways, and deep, sad needing eyes follow, always on the lookout for a comfort or a smile. They have always been searching. He is impressed they never give up. He wonders if he ever tried.

    And he sits with his grandmother, behind a veil. Perhaps the veil is supposed to keep things from being so real, he thinks merely to fill his mind with thought. He wishes there were a veil before the things he sees; he wishes things weren’t so raw and heart wrenching. He wishes his mother will look away. He wishes he didn’t have so many memories of scenes like this.

    His eyes are scared and hers are dumb, like a little girl’s doll. He wishes he could remember them differently. He wishes he could remember them full of the fire of life he was always told they had once been full of. They are full of ashes now, ashes that scatter through the empty places in his heart and make his throat tight and his eyes sting. They are ashes that float away over his head; ashes that stain his hands and face black as he tries to catch them. Ashes of a life he could have had, of a fire that has died.

    When he is free to breathe the safe, clean air again, he misses their faces and his pockets are full of gum wrappers. In his heart the ashes still roam, and in his eyes a fire has started to burn.
    Nice prompt!

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    Ebil Gato Loco Ravenclaw
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    The drabbles for this challenge were just wonderful!!! Mith and Gato Loco had a REALLY hard time choosing just

    1st - 15 points ~ Catch the Ashes by Gin Drinka

    2nd - 10 points ~ Roasting Marshmallows by Pondering

    AND lastly, a first in the Three Broomsticks, I believe, a three-way third place tie for the following:

    3rd - 5 points ~ Quiet Fire by tha_looney_one

    3rd - 5 points ~ How the Ashes Burn by crazy_purple_hp_freak

    3rd - 5 points ~ Silenti etc Vereor Incendia by Pepper Imp

    Congratulations to all of you! You're definitely rising to the 'challenge'
    /bad pun

    We look forward to reading more of the great drabblers you have in store for us.

    This will stay open for the next two days so others can comment/congratulate the winners! Then it will move to Hermione's Corner.

    ~Gato Loco & Mith

    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
    All questions pertinent to Ravenclaw need to be sent to ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    If you wish to keep in touch, feel free to friend me on LJ - I don't friend anyone under the age of 18. Sorry!

    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    I got 3rd??? Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was my very first challenge *teartear*

    I'll spare you the drippy speech.

    Congrats to all the winners, your drabbles were all great.

    Pepper Imp, I would have placed you first, but congrats. I loved your idea, it never would have occured to me!!!

    I still can't believe I placed. *thinks* ANd I got on the Quiditch team. I must be on a roll.

    Go winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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