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Thread: Oliver Wood

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    Oliver Wood

    I've got a quick question about Oliver and I couldn't find an existing thread for him. Obviously, the actor who plays him is Scottish, but is there anything in canon that suggests that's where he's from or is it just just something that's been done in the films? I couldn't remember anything in the books to suggest it and there's nothing on the Lexicon, but I wanted to check before I went ahead and wrote him as not being Scottish.

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    Oliver Wood

    I can't find any evidence saying that he is Scottish (I looked when they first introduced him and at the World Cup mainly), I think that is just a movie thing. So I would say you are good to go write him as any heritage


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    Since Ron Chaser looked at the World Cup part, I skimmed the part where he and Harry met in Sorcerer's Stone and it didn't mention him being Scottish, so I think you can make him whatever heritage you want.


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    I would Imagine that it doesn't really matter what country in Europe Oliver Wood was from, seeing as in the movie they mess up every thing, so I would say it's safe to say that you can pick any country, but if you look on hp-lexicon, it says that puddlemere, the town oliver's team is named after is in great britan, or Ireland.

    I hope you find this helpful.


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    From the UK's national trust website, the surname Wood is most prevalent in the north of England, and Scotland.

    However, as you can see, there are significant pockets of it further south as well.

    And of course, these are the Muggles. So you have some leeway.

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    Seeing as Oliver is a minor character in the book, it may not have been said but what is his eye colour??

    Doesn't really matter, I can always make it up.

    Also, do you think he can be a sensitive guy even if he is a Bludger brain (Quidditch obsessed I mean)??

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    I don't think it's ever mentioned but most people tend to assume it's brown.

    I think he could be quite sensitive - I doubt he'd have been chosen to Captain the Quidditch team if he wasn't the sort to look after his team. I think Quidditch would always come first for him but the fact that he cries upon winning the cup show's he in touch with his emotions and he mentors Harry (who was Muggle raised and had never even heard of Quidditch) into an excellent seeker which, no matter how talented Harry was, would have taken a lot of effort. His team look up to him and respect him but feel comfortable enough with him to have a joke too which shows that he's probably not completely insensitive but as you said he is a bit of a 'bludger brain' so I doubt he's that sensitive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angel_of_lily
    I think he could be quite sensitive - I doubt he'd have been chosen to Captain the Quidditch team if he wasn't the sort to look after his team. I think Quidditch would always come first for him but the fact that he cries upon winning the cup show's he in touch with his emotions.
    Hmm, he cries tears of joy over winning a Quidditch match. He's in touch with his emotions, and Quidditch and him are going to rock that honeymoon

    Sorry, couldn't hold that one back. I think you're right, Quidditch would come first for him, and with women too. He couldn't be with a girl who doesn't care about Quidditch.
    BUT once he finds the right one, I think he could be quite sensitive, too. I imagine him as quite an inexperienced person until the age of 22 or something like that, and then he suddenly meets that girl, and he makes a lot of stupid mistakes in the beginning (you know, the kind of mistakes that are okay when you're fifteen, but that are kind of awkward in a really serious relationship at 22), but he really cares about her a lot and she knows that.

    About the "care about his team"-thing, let's not forget that he was the one who told Harry to "catch that Snitch or die trying," who asked "how was your Christmas" and didn't wait for Harry to answer... In his school days, sports had hold of Oliver's heart, and I don't think there was any room for anyone else. I'm sure that changed later though.
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    From a canon standpoint, there's obviously a lot we don't know about Wood, since his prominent role is that of "crazy Quidditch captain." Because his only relationship with Harry is because of Quidditch, it's natural that the only thing the two of them ever talk about is the game. I mean, Oliver is so many years older, what other school-related activity could they possibly talk about?

    That's not to say Quidditch doesn't come first to Wood. I'm just saying that he has a whole range of preferences, likes/dislikes in addition to Quidditch. That's where creativity comes in for the fanfic writer, I guess.

    I've always imagined Wood as a more excited, more broomstick-fanatical version of Cedric Diggory.

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    Thanks for the help. I decided I wanted to try writing for a different character then I usually do and I chose Oliver but I didn't know to much about him.

    What about as a father? Do you think he'll be like Ron in the sense he want's his kids in Gryffindor, or wouldn't he care?

    How would he react to his son being in Hufflepuff?

    Do you think he would be okay with his son maybe not being into Quidditch? (I haven't decided if he will be into it or not.)


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