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Thread: Question about the Ministry of Magic...

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    Question about the Ministry of Magic...


    Does anyone know when was the Ministry of Magic founded? The Lexicon doesn't say anything about its history, or at least I couldn't find it...

    What are your opinions? Do you think the Ministry existed for the founder's era?

    ~ Samarie


    Also, what about Azkaban? I've got the same questions I have regarding the Ministry, about Azkaban... when was it founded, etc.

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    A Cappella
    As the Ministry of Magic is the government of the wizarding world, I think that there would have been some form of Ministry in the founders' era, though it would have been primitive.

    An idea is that maybe it was slightly corrupt, as governments in the past have been abused by the leading individuals.

    Er...I hope that helped somewhat!


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    The Ministry was preceded by the Wizards' Council which had a chief rather than a minister and existed at least as early as 1269. The Ministry wasn't founded until the 1600s. I'd expect that the Wizards' Council was a good deal more sexist than the Ministry considering the name.
    Hope that helps!

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    Mmm, so if the Wizard's Council existed around the year 1269, do you think it existed by the time Hogwarts was founded? There isn't a definite date as to when Hogwarts was founded, is it? McGonagall said in CoS, "that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago - the precise date is uncertain". JK has never said anything on the subject, has she? Seeing as CoS' time period is the years 1992-1993, it seems that for the years 992-993 Hogwarts already existed...

    Sorry if I'm being too hard on you guys, is just that I'm writting a one shot in which Rowena and Helena are the main characters...

    Oh! And Hypatia, where did you got the information about the Wizards' Council? Again, I ask the same questions, but regarding Azkaban...

    ~ Samarie

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    Snape's Talon
    The Lexicon's master timeline has all the Potterverse and a lot of RL events listed out in chronological order. I'd start there.

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    I think its Very likely that the Wizards Council was around during the Founders Era.

    Its sounds to be based on a 'Council Of Elders' idea which was a form of government from Before the Common Era like the Roman Senate (Senex means 'Elder' in latin giving us the word senate) and the councils of early Roman Catholicism to settle on christain doctrine.
    Those considered the Wisest were given power by others to make the hard decisions. Of course there is always coruption and underhanded actions involved in any goverment.

    As The founders were some of the greatest witches and wizards of the age you could probably have them on the council too if you wanted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalen_Miedas
    As The founders were some of the greatest witches and wizards of the age you could probably have them on the council too if you wanted.
    Mm, that's an interesting point... What do you guys think? Should I put the founders in the council or not?

    Also, no one has said anything about Azkaban.. ?? Anybody got any tid-bit of information about that??

    ~ Samarie

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    In regards to Azkaban not much information has been given. I would have to say that, given the lack of information, you could do anything you wanted. For all we know there could have been other wizarding prisons before the government, of the time, decided to settle on the location for Azkaban. So unless Rowling has revealed some new information I would have to say that the sky is the limit in regards to Azkaban prison.

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    Lock and Grave!

    Okay... I decided not to put the founders in the Council, and the only moment I talk about a prison, I don't say a name.

    Thanks so much to all of you guys!

    Mods, please Lock and Grave this thread.

    ~ Samarie

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