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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - Word Beads #1

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    Name: Gonz
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: The Hunt
    Warnings: None
    Words: 493

    It was as if a Muggle camera had snapped a picture and they were frozen for all time.

    Remus Lupin’s was staring at a little girl sprawled on the dirt in front of him, her green eyes wide in fright, her dress tattered and worn. He noticed that her face was dirty and streaked with tears, that her knees were scraped and bleeding, and that her mouth was wide open in a silent scream.

    Standing there, Remus realized that he was in no better shape. His clothes, which had always been worn, were now fit for rags. His hair was tangled and an unkempt beard was growing from his face. Every inch of his body was covered in dirt. He looked like a beast.

    No, he was a beast.

    He was responsible was for this situation. He had done something to make this little girl fear for her life. He had made her fear him. Remus’ mind was thrown into disarray as it tried to desperately calculate how this could have happened, but his heart already knew the answer.

    He had gotten caught up in the hunt.

    Remus had been with the others when the call had broken out. Human, yet somehow bestial voices, had howled to the moon. Remus had felt his pulse quicken and something in his blood respond. He had thrown back his head and joined the in chorus.

    He had took off running through the forest. Branches and twigs broke through his weak human skin, but the beast had paid no heed to the pain. He had felt his senses sharpen; he could hear, see, and smell things he had never before known existed.

    He had been searching, searching for some blood to calm the beast within, for food to satisfy his hunger.

    A scent had reached his nose, and a flash of color had taken off running. The beast rose within him, filled with the thrill of chase and when the prey had been cornered the beast had looked into the frightened eyes of its prey. It was in that moment that the human reentered back into his consciousness.

    Breaking the picture, Remus stumbled back in horror. He wanted to say something, anything to comfort the girl, but he knew that it would do no good.

    So slowly, Remus turned and walked until he found some privacy. His body started shaking and refused to stop. Never before had the wolf taken control when he was in human form. The memory of what he almost did sickened him, but no more than the realization that he would soon have to return to the pack. He had to return to Greyback and the other werewolves who had given up on humans. Remus didn’t know if he could keep on living this way. Yes, it was providing valuable information to the Order, but it was tearing him up inside.

    If he stayed he doubted that Remus Lupin would exist much longer.

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    Name: Xombie
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: Charmed !
    Warnings: None
    Words: 418

    Why am I here? He walked through numerous rows of shelves filled with the oddest commodities.

    Skiving Snackboxes, Vanishing Hats, a Blow-Up-In-Your-Face Camera, Vomiting Tablets…whoa! They’ve got one hell of a shop here.

    ‘Look who’s come wandering, George. To cap everything, he seems to have lost his sense of direction too.’

    ‘Well, well, if it isn’t the blonde ferret.’

    ‘The one with brains the size of a pea?’

    ‘And courage as that of a bee?’

    That did not make sense, Georgie.’

    ‘But it rhymed !’ George pretended to look aghast.

    Draco rolled his eyes. They don’t know who they’re dealing with. If it wasn’t for…

    ‘What do you want, Malfoy? You’re wasting your precious time if you think you can get anything for yourself. Give us the agony of making you leave this shop in one piece.’

    George snickered.

    Fools. As if I can be easily sidetracked by such words. Empty threats do not scare me.

    ‘I was on a hunt for a few of your wonderful articles,’ Draco replied with a slight bow. Courtesy helps. At times.

    ‘Did you hear something Fred? I think I heard a ferret whine.’

    ‘I’m George, you nutcase.’

    ‘Oh! I’m so sorry! Wonder what is making me so forgetful.’

    ‘Or who.’

    Fred put on a confused expression. ‘Yeah, I wonder.’

    This is getting on my nerves. I will not tolerate such rubbish.
    ‘So, are you going to allow me to buy what I want or not?’

    ‘Look here, Malfoy. We value customers. But when animals come looking for…’

    ‘George! Be serious! C’mon, don’t pull the poor bloke’s legs.’

    ‘Damn! I didn’t see what I was doing. Has he fallen?’ George pretended to look around on the ground.

    ‘Don’t get your hopes too high, brother. He’s still in front of you. And in one piece.'

    George smirked.

    ‘Pity. So, Malfoy. I think we were discussing our transaction before my dear twin interrupted.’

    ‘Were we? I’m intrigued.’

    ‘Smart-talk, eh? This won’t do. You need to sharpen your pea-brain a little. Maybe we’ve got a remedy for it somewhere. Let me calculate and see how much you’ll require …'

    Fred cut him short. ‘Get out of here, ferret. We’ve got nothing to offer you. You may be charming, but next time, don’t dare sneak in without your precious cronies.’

    Draco turned to walk away without another word. He could hear the twins laughing behind him.

    They think they're smart. But I’m smarter. It’s time to go to the second stage of my plan.
    The Polyjuice Potion.
    OK guys...

    If you're wondering why Draco seems OOC and Fred is alive, allow me to put your doubts to rest.

    The scene is set during HBP, when Draco tries to get the instant darkness powder and things like that. rings a bell?
    If not, then remember Ron saying 'I'm gonna have a word with them as to whom they sell their products to' , referring to the twins selling stuff to Malfoy? I took it as the baseline of my drabble.

    Hope I cleared things up =D

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    The drabbles were all so beautiful! Mith and Gato Loco had a hard time choosing. XD
    However, the following just stood out:

    1st - 15 points ~ Photography by BeautifulDreamer07

    2nd - 10 points ~ April in Paris by Merlynne

    3rd - 5 points ~ The Hunt by Gonz

    Thanks for participating! Check out the new weekly challenge already up!
    ~Gato Loco & Mith

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