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This is probably virtually impossible to figure out, but I've written myself into a corner and the way I have things planned out, I've GOT to get myself out of this mess somehow.

Basically, I can't figure out how to kill off my main character's father. I don't want to say a lot about the plot because I'd rather not ruin it for anyone, but hopefully someone can come up with something from what I give you. The character who dies (and it is absolutely essential that he dies) is very young, specifically age 24. It can't be murder or suicide, because that simply doesn't fit with the rest of the plot or his character.

In short, I'm thinking of Muggle hereditary diseases like diabetes or heart disease, about how they can sometimes take one by surprise. I was wondering if there could be such a thing as a wizarding disease that could creep up on someone, go undiagnosed for years until it actually kills them. But this character is, again, very young, and a Healer in training. I need him to die quietly in his own home. A freak accident would be too random and too coincidential for the rest of the plot. So... I'm really leaning toward some sort of hereditary disease, which I could actually work into other parts of the story.

Any ideas?