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Thread: Kid's Magic

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    Kid's Magic

    How much magic can magic kids perform wandless? Could they, for example, make crayon lines on a picture move around on the page, from a nice picture to a mess? We know Harry sort of appareated onto a roof, made glass disappear and blow up his aunt. Has anyone any other suggestions or guidelines, I don't want to make anything too unrealistic. Also, these are caused by extreme emotions, namely anger or fear. With what I was saying about the drawing, would it be a strong enough emotion if said picture was being praised and the magic kid's picture wasn't, so he gets mad, staring at the picture trying to find out what makes it better than his picture and he gets really mad and the lines on the picture squiggle up int a mess. Would that be plausible? Any other suggestions?

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    Personally, I think it sounds very plausible. Granted, not a lot is known about the uncontrolled magic children produce, but Harry also changed the hair colour of his teacher, made his own hair grow back after Petunia cut it horrendously, and made an ugly sweater shrink because he didn't want to wear it.

    But, to answer your specific question about the drawing, then I'd say that yes, it would work just fine. Young children get upset and angry about that kind of thing all the time, but with a magical child, it would be perfectly realistic to have the picture change.


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    Well, first I would ask yourself a few questions. One, what is the boy like? Does he get mad easily? What kind of personality does he have? Make a mental list of a few situations where his emotions might rise enough to do this, and then compare them to your problem scenario.

    I would say that if your kid is quiet, and nice, then this wouldn't be very likely. It probably isn't the end of the world. But, if he is mean, and has a fiesty temper, then it would be likely. Another question, what si the age of the boy? If he is young, then these things would probably matter more, but if he if Hogwarts age, then pictures wouldn't be as much of a importance or hobby anymore.


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    I think that it's plausible, but how powerful is the child in question? Harry was a decently powerful wizard, mind...

    And the only other wandless magic we've really seen is Tom Riddle at the orphanage, where he made that rabbit hang itself and he tortured Amy and Dennis. But then, he was one of the most powerful wizards ever...

    If your boy isn't that powerful, though, then perhaps take a step back and look at it again. Like I said before, it'd be plausible if written correctly, but you'd have to make sure to focus on how angry the child is to make if work.

    - Katie

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    Thanks Megan and Claire! Just so you know, the child is 10 and quite quiet and smart, but he gets quite competitive with his twin sister, who excels at art. Their mother praises his sisters picture, but not his, which he worked so hard on. As he stares at the page on the wall he wishes his was as good, and the picture turns into a mess.It isn't really the picture that matters, more the fact that his sister is getting all the attention for her wonerful work of art and his goes unnoticed. Thanks for all your help, I am trying to think of more scenarios, but am having difficulties, any more suggestions still welcome!

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    Bear in mind that although the young Tom Riddle had learned to control his magic wandlessly, he is by far the exception, and not the rule. Also, take into account the first Charms lesson; only Hermione was able to Levitate her feather. So in general I would say no, it isn't all that plausible.

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    jenny b
    I don't think it's very plausible either, if the kid isn't usually an angry one, and he's only jealous of his sisters picture. Accidental magic seems to happen when a character is either really mad, scared or anxious about something, not just jealous. I think that even if he was really angry, he would most likely mess up his sisters picture instead. I'm not saying he's mean to his sister, it's just accidental, after all. Jealousy can do bad things to nice people.

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    Saturnina Black
    I really think that for a 10 year old this kind of atitude towards him and his sister may generate uncontrolled magic.

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    I agree with jenny b, if you have him mad enough, because of his jelousy, he could be able to do it, but to his sister's drawing rather than his. Remember, as it's accidental it isn't quite wrong for him to mess up his sister's drawing, but he's furious at her or because of her, so it would make more sense if he messed up hers.

    Hope I helped some!

    ~ Samarie

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    Ooh, I'm torn now over whether or not to use it, thanks for all you help guys! I think I will, as I am kinda backing it up with loads of other incidents, in which his sister gets mmore attention than him and eventually he just blows, adnd wrecks his sisters picture.

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