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Thread: Hermione's Parents

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    Hermione's Parents

    Spoiler Alert

    I have a current plot bunny, that won't go away, so why not write about it? I have been interested in when Hermione erased her parent's memories, to protect them against Voldemort. Well, since we have such little information, how do you think her parents are? What do they look like? How would they react?

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    Well, one of her parents would have to have light brown or dirty blonde hair, for starters. Also, at least one of them would have to have her colour eyes (I think they're brown, but don't quote me on that).

    Hermione's average height, it seems, so her parents woudl probably be somewhere around her stature.

    I've always picture her mother with bushy hair.

    And for some reason I've always thought her father had glasses.

    Oh, and her parents would have perfect teeth, as they're dentists and all (I assume that one would have had dental problems but would have gotten braces). Also, they'd probably be smart (doctors are smart. Most of the time. *points to avvie*)

    As for their reactions... I think that might depend on what Hermione does. Does she tell them what she's going to do? Does she just Charm them and be off?

    If it's the first, then I think they'd take it reasonably well, and they'd make her swear to reverse the spell.

    But if it's the second and she doesn't explain, then I don't think they'd have much time to react - especially if she Stunned them first so they couldn't do anything.

    - Katie (hopes that helped and is sorry for the somewhat choppy post)

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    How would they react to . . . being Obliviated? To being *unObliviated*? I'm not sure I understand the question.

    They wouldn't know they were Obliviated. Hermione said she made it a point to plant the idea that they always wanted to be in Australia and changed their name, then Obliviated the fact that they had a daughter.

    I don't know what they look like but due to common genetics it's a good bet that at least one of them has brown hair and at least one of them has brown eyes.

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    Being un-Charmed seems to be the key reaction (as opposed to un-Oblivated, as Hermione said in the coffee shop she'd never Oblivated anyone, so it must be two different things, somehow -- unless this is one of those 'Flint' things I keep hearing about).
    Now, I tend to think that they'd be fairly understanding about the situation, for two reasons:
    1. I can't picture Hermione Charming her parents' memory without telling them what she was going to do beforehand -- it just seems, i dunno, cruel to do that. And also, she planned it so that she'd be removing the Charms when this was all over, so she must've thought about the possible reactions her parents would have, i.e., 'How do we know this was the only time you've done that?' and such.
    2. The Doctors Granger have proven to be two of the most patient and understanding parents on the planet. What parents would let her stay away for so long over the course of the first six books, at a place they can't even begin to comprehend? I mean, I think that the Grangers have seen their daughter an average of one month out of twelve since she started at Hogwarts. That alone takes an unbelievable amount of understanding in my book. (Of course, it's not my book, it's Ms. Rowling's, but you see my point.)

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    Thank you! And cmwinters, I mean how would they react to being told, if they were? How did you think they reacted when Hermione got her Hogwart's letter? What do they think of her friends? If they went to Hogwarts, what house would they be in?

    I love your description, hpfangrl!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    How would they react to being told, if they were?
    Told what? That they were Obliviated? That they were *going* to be Obliviated? That Hermione did it to protect them? What is the question?

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    How did you think they reacted when Hermione got her Hogwart's letter?
    They were probably shocked and surprised, and probably after a couple of demonstrations of magic, came to the logical conclusion that if this is a place Hermione wants to go they'll support her, especially if it will help her with her talents.

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    What do they think of her friends?
    I think they probably like them because Hermione likes them, but I think if Hermione ever had a falling out with either of them they'd have their own reasons to dislike them as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    If they went to Hogwarts, what house would they be in?
    They wouldn't go to Hogwarts because they are Muggles but assuming they hadn't been Muggles, probably Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, or one of each.

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    jenny b
    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    how would they react to being told, if they were?
    I think that they would be rather concerned, and they wouldn't want to do it at first. In GoF, when Hermione gets her teeth fixed, she says her parents don't think that teeth and magic should be mixed. So, I don't they would take to having their minds erased too well. But I'd imagine Hermione's parents to be the concerned and caring type, and if she got upset like she did in DH when she was talking to Ron and Harry, then they might let her if she promised to find them again.

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    How did you think they reacted when Hermione got her Hogwart's letter?
    I reckon they wolud be really surprised, and think it was a joke or something at first. But like cmwinters said, after they realise it's not a hoax they would probably want to help her fulfill her potential.

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    What do they think of her friends?
    Even though they've never really met them, they would still prbably like them, because they would know that Hermione is smart enough to be able to figure out who her true friends are. They've met Mr. Weasley before, and I think they would've taken to him, even tohugh he might've been a little overbearing as they're muggles. And in DH when Hermione tells Harry what she did to her parents, she says:

    Hermione Granger, The Ghoul In Pyjamas, Deathly Hallows
    That's to make it more difficult for Voldemort to track them down and interrogate them about me - or you, becuase unfortunately, I've told them quite a bit about you.
    This implies that she's told her parents a lot about what Harry's planning to do, if Voldemort could get information out of them. I think if they knew what Harry was doing to save the Wizarding world, then they surely would like him.

    Quote Originally Posted by bertiebott12
    If they went to Hogwarts, what house would they be in?
    I think Ravenclaw, if they were magical. They seem to be the smart, serious, logical type, and I don't think they would be brave enough to be in Gryffindor. From how they're protrayed when you see them outside Gringotts in one of the books (I can't be bothered looking it up) they are really wary, and shy of what's around them. Yet when Harry, a Gryffindor, first sees the magical world, he is more excited and in awe of it.

    I hope that helped you!

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    Red face Oddly

    In a happy coincidence, this is actually what I've been thinking about for the last day or so (I think about a topic for a while, depending on how much it intrigues me, and pretty much wring the subject to death). I was contemplating writing a fic with them in it....

    But anyways, I'll give you (and this is only my interpretation) how they are in my mind:

    Mrs. Granger-

    Boldly passionate, know-it-all, and skeptical, she is a Ravenclaw (with a pinch of Gryff)-type. She was a subsitute math professor at secondary schools and university before she became a dentist. Always right, and she knows it.

    Mr. Granger-

    The "softer sides" of Hermione. Quieter, shy, and sensitive. Very preceptive to other's feelings. More of a Hufflepuff. He originally was getting a degree in psychology, but changed to dentistry for need of higher pay. Also loves photography, also passionate. Concerned about his daughter but realises this is necessary.


    -Stubby (spent too much time thinking about completely minor characters)

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