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Thread: Ask a Moderator: The Sequel

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    Alrighty, I gots a question. I've got seven chapters of my story (see banner below) posted on the site and i got a review today that said that the girl couldn't read chapter 2. It wasn't validated. So I went back and checked and I could look at every chapter except 2. Could someone maybe tell me why this is happening?

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    I've fixed if for you.

    You might have accidentally clicked one of the arrows next to the chapters and moved the chapter, which then got caught by a bug and was confused with chapter 3.

    It looks good now though.
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    How do you post an image into your signature?

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    use the code:

    [img]url of the image[/img]
    By the way, avatars should only be 100x100. Yours is too big.

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    Lincos Trix
    ok, thanks for the reply.

    In away i am glad it was rejected, i needed to make some major changes to it.

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    Contests and Series Feature

    I have been looking for information about how to enter the MNFF contests and can't find any. Could someone help me out?

    Also, I am having trouble adding series' to my favorites. When I try, it "adds" because my number of favorites increases, but I can't see it on the list. Is this a problem other people have been having? Does anyone know how to fix it?


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    Crazy Inferi
    Um, I'm new to this, and I have a question. In pretty much all of the posts, under the person's name it says a house. How do you get it to do that? Thanks.

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    Crazy Inferi, send a private message to Harry Potter and request the Sorting Quiz.

    narniafreak, you also need to do the same. Only sorted members can see the forum where the challenges are posted, usually in the Great Hall or the Three Broomsticks.

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    Ok, um in my story, I realised that there was something that needed to be changed in chapter three and so, I changed it. (It's already validated) When I clicked Add Story, it deleted the contents of the entire chapter, except for the Authors note... Could someone please help me? I kept copying the file of the chapter onto the page, but it doesn't save the chapter at all...

    Here's the link to my story.

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    Reader Only Questions

    Hello -

    I am a reader only, and have found that two of the stories I have been following for months now have the message "Access denied. This story has not been validated by the adminstrators of this site." The first at URL- - I have labeled as HP - Last Battle (sorry I shorten them in my faves), started displaying the message at least a month ago. I had read 10 Chapters before the message appeared. The second at URL - - is Concordia Discors. There were 23 chapters before it presented this message.

    Will they come back???

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