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Thread: Ask a Moderator: The Sequel

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    Fire is Fun
    How long does it take for a story to be accepted, normally?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    I've answered your question over PM evilevergreen Again, good luck!

    Fire is Fun: It takes seven to ten days.

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    Fire is Fun
    Quote Originally Posted by Marauder by Midnight
    Fire is Fun: It takes seven to ten days.
    K, thanks. Now I won't go on checking for it every day

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    G_A_potter - Mods are volunteers who volunteer their days to read stories and validate them. We'd appreciate it if you were more courteous. We DO send letters. We always send letters. If your email provider filters them, then it's not our problem. Find a new email provider. And show courtesy to us.
    Mdm. Magical Maeve,

    AOL is obnoxious, it's true. One of the few good things I can say for it is that the messages from this venue always make it in. Provided they're sent. I have set this sender to a preferred status on my mailbox. Though I have numerous complaints about AOL this is'nt one of them. If a message had been attempted, I would know it.

    Conversely, do we not have a message system here? Is there a rule against the moderators using the PM system to contact us? There's no way AOL can block that.

    Annoyance, Ma'am, is not discourtesy. Lodging a valid complaint is also not discouteious. What has been happening to myself has not been rectified. You yourself haven't been able to find out who is doing this, or so you have told me. Perhaps if it is taken out of the dark and exposed to some light the problem will be rectified. Or at least, exposed.

    I am fully aware that the Moderators are volunteers. For that reason alone I have no end of respect and appreciation for you and your comrades. All I ask is the minimum of the same from your subordinates. After all, without the writers on this venue, what's the purpose of the moderator?



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    Marauder by Midnight
    Actually I was the one who said that.

    And you can probably see that you're not the only person with this problem. Take a look at previous posts. And if you could see previous Ask the Moderator threads, you'd see even more.

    Every moderator writes a letter. It's common courtesy, as you say, and it's what we call protocol. Glitches cannot be helped. This problem has been addressed, and we are aware of it. Coders work on our site on a daily basis to sort out bugs and glitches. This happens to be one problem they currently haven't been able to fix.

    As it happens, many people do contact mods on a daily basis complaining about how their story just seemed to disappear. And depending on the mod and how often this happens, the mod and the author sort out communication issues. However, apparently this no-letter thing doesn't happen often with you. So just resubmit. You'll probably get a letter your second time around.

    I can tell you straightaway PMs are an obnoxious way of contacting authors. For one, not all authors are registered at the forums. Two, they flood moderator inboxes in a flash (first-hand experience). Three, when there is a full inbox, other authors cannot contact the moderator they desire, nor can any other forum member with an issue they'd like to address.

    If you'd like, just to make sure you receive a letter, request that I or any other moderator moderate your story. Just a little note at the top. If you don't get a letter, then you know straightaway who you'd need to contact.

    And I agree. Lodging a complaint is not discourteous at all. But how you worded it was.

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    I'm one of G_A_Potter's betas. Firstly, I want to say that he didn't ask me to post this; this was made by my own free will.

    Anyway, I wanted to re-state the immense gratitude we authors have for the hard work of all the mods. I'm aware of the much trouble all mods probably go through to try and fix the problems that inevitably appear with such a big and complex site as MNFF. For that, there's endless respect and gratitude, as G_A_Potter said.

    I will go through the chapter again and try to correct all the things you kindly pointed out, Marauder by Midnight, so hopefully, it will get accepted this time If not, I'll cry! Heheh

    I know that both parties must be terribly frustrated for all this, but I hope that we'll be able to go on with the very characteristic friendliness of MNFF.

    So, let's close this chapter and keep on writing Thanks to all the mods that were involved on this issue for their interest and fast responses!


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    I have seen these challenge entries everywhere, and I know it's a stupid question, but where, what, and how do you find out about these? I still don't even know what they are. A simple link will do the trick~ But I've looked everywhere and can't find the page!


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    There are some opportunities for challenges here:


    (If none are available at the moment, sit tight, and more will appear).

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    Lincos Trix
    I posted the 1st chapter of my new story, and while waiting for it to be validated it dissapeard from my 'Manage Stories' Section in my Account Info area. Does this mean that it has been rejected? if so, Do you get a reason for it, so you know what to fix?

    (not that I seen anything wrong with it)

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    If a story disappears, that usually means it was rejected. The site might have experienced a glitch, and you might not have gotten the letter. I'd contact the mod who is in charge of the category you submitted to and ask them about your story.

    Thanks to opaleye for the lovely banner!

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