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Thread: Ask a Moderator: The Sequel

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    And I have 65535 PMs. I clicked on a PM by an invalid user, and it started happening again.

    EDIT: Thanks much, Lex!

    GORGEOUS banner by Kat/Mistletoe! Thank you so much!
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    It's a quirk of the system. It's nothing to worry about and it's something being worked on.

    To the one asking about BA tutoring, please contact the BA member of your choice and see if they're willing to tutor you.

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    If our story is rejected on mugglenet fanfiction, will we receive a notice specifically saying that is so? Otherwise, if its accepted, do we just wait it out to see what happens or are we in some way notified that the story had been accepted? Thanks!

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    You will get an email whether your story is rejected or accepted. If it is rejected, the letter will include contructive criticism to hopefully help you get your story accepted the next time around.

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    lainie xox

    Beta Guild

    Alright, I wasn't sure.

    Another question I have is whether or not the Beta Guild is moderated. I've tried posting in it twice this afternoon but none of them showed, so I was wondering.

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Beta Guild's moderated.

    Yum. 50 characters. Darnit.

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    dory, thanks a lot, that helped. I'm a bit anxious for because its my first story on the site. Anyways, thanks again.

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    I sent in an application for joining the BA on June 29th. It's been a week and I haven't gotten a reply. Someone told me that Haley's got something going on right now, which limits her internet time. Is there someone else I can pm the application to in the meantime?

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    Scarlet: You're going to have to wait for Hal I'm afraid. She won't be gone forever.

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    I uploaded a banner to my signature and it appeared in the preview, and the link to my Author's page worked as well. However, whenever I post anywhere, my signature (as in the banner) doesn't appear at all. The image is a JPEG file and it's within the size limit as well.

    I have no idea why it doesn't appear...Could someone please help me? Thanks in advance...

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