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Thread: Ask a Moderator: The Sequel

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    Hello. There's a change in the direction your quizzes and requests go. Please send them to my PM account, and I'll sort you out.

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    Is there a new rule against using character names as usernames? Will you be deleting all accounts with character usernames?

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    Vindictus Viridian
    Quote Originally Posted by Hamstergeist
    Is there a new rule against using character names as usernames? Will you be deleting all accounts with character usernames?
    Having one of those myself, I profoundly hope not. We have several minor-character usernames about the place, so hopefully this will not become new policy.

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    Reader Only - Research shows deletes??


    I did a search for the author of "Concordia Discors". And the story shows under her profile, but when opened it says that it is a rewrite and only has one Chapter. I am guessing that she deleted the original that is tied to my link.

    For the other author, her page has no reference to the fic. It could be a delete also?

    Kind of vague, but I will write them off as a loss :-)

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    All screennames that roleplay as one of the Harry Potter characters will be deleted. Roleplaying has never been allowed on the forums, and it won't start now. Any SN that breaks the rules repeatedly will be banned, as per usual.

    Poppy, IM me with more details and I'll see what's going on and what exactly you mean.

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    Sorry if this question has been asked already, but I really didn't have the time to read through every post.

    Anyway, I really don't know how my banner isn't coming up with a picture. I do it right (at least, I think I do).

    This is what I type (without spaces):

    [IMG] http://..........[/IMG]

    I really don't know what's wrong. Any help is appreciated!!

    Thank you!

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    Please do read the questions others have asked before. They help save a lot of time on the mods' part.

    Your file may be too big, or the file extension may not be working well with our site. .jpegs typically do better.

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    I would've, had I the time to do so. I don't mean to be a hassle.

    ¡Gracias! Anyways for answering the question!

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    Ok, um in my story, I realised that there was something that needed to be changed in chapter three and so, I changed it. (It's already validated) When I clicked Add Story, it deleted the contents of the entire chapter, except for the Authors note... Could someone please help me? I kept copying the file of the chapter onto the page, but it doesn't save the chapter at all...

    Here's the link to my story
    I tried saving my chapter today, but only half of it saved. When I tried again, the entire thing went blank once again, but on the third try, it saved the full chapter. So that problem is ok now. However, if it does happen again, what should I do?


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    I can't post a new thread on the Refrence Desk. I write it, press submit new thread and it brings me the page wtih "thank you for posting mecredi, and click here if your browser doesn't automatically redirect you. " Then I get rerouted to the Refrence Desk main page and my thread isn't there. It's really weird.

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