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Thread: Ask a Moderator: The Sequel

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    How do you get into SPEW, exactly?

    Sorry if I have a lot of questions...I have a problem with that...

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    There is an announcement in the SPEW forum that details the steps you need to take to apply.

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    Are we aloud to ask qestions about the main site? I hope so....

    I was just reading my story that currently has 2 chapters, both of which have been validated, when I went to go to the second chapter it said access denied and it haden't been validated, but when I go back to the first page that has all the chapter's on it and I click on the second chapter it works, I had know this already but I hadn't tried it for a while because I had just though it was due to the fact that it had just been validated, but now it's almost three months later... Did that make sense?

    So my question is, is there anyway I could fix it and if not would one of the mods look at it, please?


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    From now on, please provide the story title if you need help.

    I looked at your story, assuming that your forum name was the same as your penname, and I only so one story that wasn't completed.

    It seems that your Chapter 2 is officially your Chapter 3. What probably happened is you submitted twice, accidentally, and Chapter 2 was the one that was deleted.

    It's fixed, but I'm sad to say that any reviews you had were lost

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    How do I change my pen name?


    I have 2 stories posted at mugglenet, and I wanted to have my pen name changed from the current Lana Manckir to Perselus. How do I do it?

    I've tried sending one of the moderators this same question but never got a reply. I hope that can be done without having to delete my account and resubmit the fics. I have good reviews and would like to keep them.

    thanks for your time


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    Unfortunately, it's just not possible to change your name. Sorry!

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    So how do I delete my account?

    How do I delete the entire account so I can resubmit the stories under a new penname?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    Quote Originally Posted by Perselus
    How do I delete the entire account so I can resubmit the stories under a new penname?
    You'd have to contact an admin such as Deanine, Physical Graffiti, or Alexis Taylor

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    A few days ago, a posted a question about the email notices for updated stories. I had gotten four for the same story, but then the chapter was validated, so I figured I wouldn't have any more trouble.

    However, today I recieved seven emails for a different story, telling me it was updated. Seven emails in one day for the same story is a bit much. Is there a reason I'm getting so many?

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    I'm having the opposite problem. I'm not getting any e mails for anything. I don't get e mails when threads are updated, when stories are updated, or when my stories are validated (which I know is being worked on). It isn't exactly a huge problem for me, but I wasn't sure how aware yall were that there might be some not receiving any e mails at all since I hadn't seen any questions about it in here. Thanks for all yall do!

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