Characters involved:
Narcissa, Bellatrix, occasional reference to Lucius

Mood of plot bunny: Very Dark and Sad

Plot line: Have you ever wondered why Narcissa is so overprotective of Draco? Besides obvious reasons what if she had a daughter who died? Well Rose (or any other baby name) was the Malfoy's first child but she got really sick and due to the carlessness of Narcissa didn't not recieve medical care in time, and died. I figure the Malfoys would be devasted. I figure it could start out with Narcissa staring at the baby's room, probably pregnant with Draco, remincing. Its a one-shot, and I figure she'll flashback to the funeral or death of the child. It could end with Bellatrix telling her sister to move on. I figure the last line could be something like, "And she closed the door on Rose forever."

Other details:I think Lucius would be very attached to this child and resent Narcissa for letting her die, maybe that could be worked in.

This is my first plot bunny post so if you are confused or have an questions PM me.