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Thread: Peter Pettigrew

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    Peter Pettigrew

    In my story, Regrets , Hermione doesn't realize that she saw the instructions for a certain potion that Voldemort desperately wants to brew in order to take down the Order of the Phoenix and end the war once and for all.

    Voldemort thinks she has the information but doesn't know for sure, and is going to send Peter in to try and retrieve it from her. Voldemort knows that force is not going to accomplish his goal, so he is going to try finesse. Believing that Snape has built up at least a minor rapport with Hermione during their time in the cottage, and even while trying to keep her off balance by making her think that Snape still works for the side of evil, Peter is going to be polyjuiced into Snape and sent back in.

    I need assistance with how Peter would portray Snape. I need a well-rounded view, from anger to attempts at coercion. I will also have Hermione figuring it out in the end, just before Peter leaves the cottage. I was thinking maybe a tic, like Barty Crouch Jrs tongue thing. Maybe Peter could have a rat-like nose twitch or something like that. Something that Snape would obviously not have, that could give the deception away.

    I hope that I am posting this in the right place now, since I was told that I posted in the wrong place when I had it in Skele-Gro Plot Potion.

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    I'm pretty sure this is the right place to put this, since it deals with a canon's character characterization.

    I would think that Peter feels jealousy towards Snape. He probably thinks that while he gave a hand (amongst other things) for Voldemort, Snape did nothing, just taught at Hogwarts, thinking that the "Dark Lord" had vanished forever.

    Inside, though, I'm sure that Peter is curious, with a moderate amount of admiration for Snape. Why curious? Because he's in that in-between position, no one really trusts him, and yet he has the trust of both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Admiration for that very same reason.

    You can get a good background of what Peter thinks of Snape in Spinner's End, in which you can see the resentment he feels towards him.

    Hope this helped, and good luck!

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    I think Pettigrew resents Snape...I wouldn't call it jealousy. I believe he feels that way because Snape is a) ranked higher than him in Voldemort's favor and b) got to live the safe life at Hogwarts while Pettigrew was tending to Voldemort.

    However, I also believe that Pettigrew cherishes his memories of Hogwarts where he was better than Snape and in a position of power over him. He may remember Snape as the snivelly little boy he was back at Hogwarts, as well.

    How will this affect how he portrays Snape? Well, he's going to try to act like him, which means he's going to follow his own impressions of the man.

    I believe Peter's impressions of Snape are as follows:

    1) Snape is arrogant and cold.
    2) Snape is someone to be feared.
    3) Snape is somewhat lazy.
    4) Snape is good at getting into favor with people.
    5) Snape is well-versed in the Dark Arts. He's also good at deception.

    All of that will affect how he (acting as Snape) will be angry and attempy to coerce Hermione into it.


    As for Peter's giveaway. Remember that hand Voldemort gave him after OOTP? I think that could give him away. Because it's magically created, it would have a weird effect when combined wtih the Polyjuice Potion...maybe shine through it, or retain its super power (it could crush branches, remember?).


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    Vindictus Viridian
    I finally found the Celtic reference related to Peter's silver hand; the search term you want is "Nuada," a king of the Tuatha D Danann. This might give you some insights into Peter's inner conflicts. Or perhaps not; Nuada appears to have been pretty consistently a good-guy type.

    The other person who has written a character with a silver hand of superhuman strength is Michael Moorcock; do with that whatever you like.

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    Just remember that Peter isn't as intelligent, isn't as manipulative and isn't as subtle in his behaviour as Snape. Whilst many people do under-estimate him, he's not someone who I think could pull off being someone else effectively. Yes, he managed to become an animagus, but that was with the support of his more intelligent friends and it truly rflected his personality. Having said that, I do think he'd be persuasive enough for Hermione to believe he is Snape initially, seeing as she is still very shaken up and confused in your story. However, she's a very inquisitve person and whilst at first Peter might be able to answer any of these questions, the more she wants to flush out of 'Snape' the harder it will become for him. He won't be able to provide Hermione with the same witty, sardonic responses as Snape, and she may wonder why.

    However, I do think Pettigrew is right for this task seeing as he did spend a long time (however much time as you wish to give him) living with Snape, and I do think Peter is a very observant character. No doubt he spent a long time in school observing the Marauders. Whether or not he can effectively emulate the behaviour he's observed by Snape is another question.

    I'llbe honest, this is a plotline that could quite easily run into OOCness. But, I will do my best to make sure that doesn't happen and I am confident that you will too

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    So tell me what you all think of this:

    Peter shows up in the cottage polyjuiced into Snape. Knowing that he can't imitate him completely, he relies on Snapes nastiness. He shows none of Snapes previous depression, and rants and raves at Hermione demanding information on the Order and specifically a potion that she was researching. She is frightened by this extreme version of Snape and a bit confused by his questioning, since they had already gone over it. But when it comes to the potion, she really starts to wonder because she was researching a potion he made.

    Now I am not really sure what to do about the hand. I realize that it is magically formed and since there is no Canon information on how it would react to polyjuice, I will assume that it will be hidden but with it's same properties. Maybe as Kumy suggested it can be a give away when he grabs for something and accidentally crushes it.

    It's not going to be a really long confrontation as I don't think I can sustain it very long and will be relying heavily on my lovely Laura to drag me back from OOC-ness.

    Keep the suggestions coming. I can use all the help I can get at this point. I am really nervous about this next chapter.

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    I need major help on Peter Pettigrew in my new fic Betrayal. The first chapter is already out, and I got a very helpful review by a great mod concerning his characterization. So, now for my questions.

    How do you think he would act in front of Voldemort?
    What are some reasons that you think he would betray Lily and James?
    How do you think he would act after he's betrayed them?

    By the way, if you're a Claw, and want to help as part of our project, that would be gratly appriciated!!!


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    How do you think he would act in front of Voldemort?

    We've seen a lot of this during GoF, he doesn't seem to really like Voldemort. I think he preferred James and Sirius because although they were jerks to him at times, they never threatened to kill him.

    What are some reasons that you think he would betray Lily and James?

    Well, many people speculate that Peter sought out Voldemort after he was made Secret Keeper. Others think he was working for him long before that. And still others think that Voldemort sought him out. It really depends on how you want your story to go, but in all those situations Peter still most likely did it for his own saftey.

    How do you think he would act after he's betrayed them?

    Do you mean how he would react around the Potters or if he would be remourseful? I don't think he saw the Potters after he betrayed them, but I'm sure he would act suspicious. He doesn't strike me as a particularly good liar.

    I think he might be remourseful that he had to betray them, but I think that is an important point. He would feel that he *had* to betray them, because his own life was in danger. I don't think he would feel that his actions were wrong in his specific situation, because it is purely survival instinct.

    He may also be remoursful because he now has to be protected by Voldemort, where it is almost as dangerous to be in his group as it is out of it.

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    Peter is one of my favorite characters to explore and think about, so hopefully, I will have something of use to say:

    First, I think Peter is incredibly smart and while his talent may not be at the same level as James', Sirius', and Remus', it may be. I think Peter is very good at getting people to underestimate him. So, he may have been a lot more talented than he let on. Or he may just be clever without as much talent - it's hard to say.

    How do you think he would act in front of Voldemort?
    I think he'd present himself to Voldemort as harmless and NOT a threat. Survival is very important to Peter. I think there's more to him than that, though. Anyway, so I think he'd act pretty subservient and submissive to Voldemort and act as though he didn't know anything. I am personally of the opinion that it was Voldemort who sought him out, not the other way. I do think he is a rather weak character, and I think he's more of a weak Gryffindor than a Slytherin. In other words, he still cares a lot about bravery and courage, but isn't good at actually *doing* them. I think he was caught and then squealed.

    What are some reasons that you think he would betray Lily and James?
    See above -- I really think that he didn't intend to get mixed up with Death Eaters or the war at all. And then they made him their Secret Keeper, which he was probably really proud of. Being a Gryffindor (and thus, having at least a little desire for attention), he may have let it slip that he had an important secret. I don't think there are a lot of times in his life when he's felt important, and Gryffindors do like fame (at least canon/book Gryffindors do, even if it's not in the song). So, he may have gotten a bit of a big head about it. Granted, he has tried to stay in the background, so this was, in part, his own doing.

    Knowing what happened with Draco, I suspect that the Dark Lord did not just threaten Peter, though, I suspect he threatened his friends and family as well, just as he did with Draco's family. It's not like Remus or Sirius (or Harry, for that matter) gave him much time to explain all his reasoning. So, yeah, I think he was threatened into it.

    How do you think he would act after he's betrayed them?

    Well, once he made the decision, it's clear he stayed to it. Because right after their betrayal, he turned around and betrayed Sirius. They were the only two who knew about the switch, and he got rid of the evidence. I think he'd be conflicted, though. But I think he'd want to make the best of it, try to get in further with the Death Eaters, since he had screwed up his situation with the Marauders.

    I do think there would be guilt, but he probably tried to forget about it, thinking it was the only choice he had (even though it wasn't), and in other ways, trying to justify it to himself. I think part of his framing of Sirius was anger that Sirius had decided on the switch, *knowing* that Peter was weaker in character and that if the switch hadn't happened, Peter wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place and the Potters wouldn't have been betrayed. I can see him being very angry at Sirius for that. You know "You're stronger! You shouldn't have put that burden on me!" sort of thing.

    So, yes, I can see regret, anger at Sirius, and a general feeling that he had no choice and still has no choice but to stay with the Death Eaters and prove his worth... without ever becoming a threat.

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    Thank you so much Vorona and Amber0_o! Claws are always so helpful!


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