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Thread: If Hogwarts Was Called Catsores... [E-Journal of an Evil Janitor]

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    Random cat toys all over the halls that Voldemort slips on.
    Mrs. Norris sits in Dumbledore's seat
    Noel Weasley said cats playing poker in a painting, but you could say exploding snap.

    That's all for now... Is this a sequel to The Dark Lord's Blog? *runs away to read first two chapters*

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    I was thinking that the Great Hall could be Hemingway Hall, you could have the the houses named after sports teams named after cats, and Cats is the only play they can watch as homework.

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    Well, you could have the only things not on Filch's "banned objects" list be cat toys and whatnot.

    Everyone would be hopped up on catnip.

    Lots of licking oneself.

    Meals would consist of Fancy Feast and Meow Mix.

    So many cats running around the school... it would be hard to walk.


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    my idea of a new house to replace Slytherin would be "Crouchenscowl", Hufflepuff would be "Scruffenfluff" and I haven't thought of any suitable feline-themed names for Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Charms could be called "Cat Tricks".

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    jenny b
    Defence Against the Dark Arts could be 'Defence Against the Dog Arts', or something ...

    Divination could be Dinneration (cats like food ... right?!)

    Purrithmancy (Arithmancy)

    Fleaology (Herbology)

    I don't know about houses. My brain isn't working too well today.

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    A few more things to consider:

    - Balls of yarn everywhere.

    - The hangings around the beds, the curtains, and the new tablecloths all have moving cats on them.

    - A new 'Catsores' crest. (with the House cat species on it. Or you could have a ball of yarn, a fish, milk, and catnip on it or something.)

    - Wearing collars is part of the uniform.

    - All the cats wear little crowns to show their superiority.

    - Instead of the doors creaking, they now meow.

    - Teachers are now required to hiss and snarl when they're mad (I'd like to see Snape do that).

    - CATNIP! In the food, in the pillows, in the greenhouses, even hanging over the doors!

    - Dinner consists of catnip, tuna, sparrow, herring, salmon, cardinal, finch, milk, etc.

    - Students get treats for being good.

    - Filch blasts the *****cat Dolls. (THE HORROR!)

    - Alternate the above with Cats The Musical, of course.

    That should be enough for ya! Now, GET WRITING!

    *Ahem* Sorry about that. Got carried away.

    - Katie

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    Neville's Girl
    Quote Originally Posted by harrypotterfangirl21
    - A new 'Catsores' crest. (with the House cat species on it. Or you could have a ball of yarn, a fish, milk, and catnip on it or something.)

    - Katie
    Forget the House, er, mascots! Just plaster Mrs. Norris's and Filch's faces on the crest! (Boy, that would be creepy. . . .)

    P.S. I am not in anyway trying to be rude to harrypotterfangirl21. I'm so sorry if it came across that way.

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    Noel Weasley
    Only cats are allowed as pets, no owl or toads!

    History of Magic= History of Cats! Or nap time, same difference (? I have No idea what that means)

    All clothing is made up of coughed up hair from cats

    Al students MUST walk on four legs and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Nail Clippers and baths are STRICTLY prohibited

    All textbooks and essays are translated into Cat Tongue. (Meow, meeow, purr, Me-OOOOOOW!)

    The school song must be sung at night in a scratchy, nasal, loud voice along with everyone else, in harmony...

    Quills are non-existent, you will use your fingers/nail claws to write, since cats have NO bendable thumbs

    You must lick your bowl/plate clean everyday at every meal

    Punishments are as followed:

    Locked in a room with a barking dog


    listening to the song "Who let the Dogs out" by whoever, over and over again

    Nap time is taken away

    You will have all of your fur/hair shaved off with Muggle equipment, powered by magic

    You will have your nails removed

    Hope these helped!


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    If still needed....

    Ghosts? Remember those....

    Can't think at this hour....


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