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Thread: Dementor Surnames!

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    Dementor Surnames!

    Hey there people!

    So, I was wondering... what surname could you give a Dementor? You see, I have this Humour fic that centered on a Dementor's chaotic life. Our dear Dave (the main Character) has a pretty gang of Dementor friends and well, since 'Dementor' was the only surname I could think, I used it for Dave... and now I need more for his friends.

    Help, please! It's been ages since I last updated my fic and I thing my readers are getting their pithforks ready.


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    How about Mr. Morbid, Mr. Macabre, Mr. Malignant, Mr. Melancholy, Mr. Morose, and Mrs. Pumpernickel-Johnson?

    Just a suggestion...

    Or you could give them all ostentatiously posh last names like "Crumpetsmith-Jones, Esquire," and "Corkington-Smith-Smythe-Smith The Fourteenth" and "His Excellence Sir Ramsbottom-Peltsniffer." Make sure they all have middle initials and chummy first names like Bob, Rick, Ted, Joe, and Skippy.

    I love Dave and Josh... they're wonderful characters!

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