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Thread: Head Boy/Girl Duties

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    Head Boy/Girl Duties

    What duties do the heads have to do? At my school there basically just a figure of authority but do they have to do more at Hogwarts? In a chapter in my fic Lily says that she's glad that she barely has to spend time alone with James even though he's the Head Boy so is this canon?


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    A Cappella
    At Hogwarts, the Head Girl and Boy patrol the hallways. On the first day of school, they also lead the first years to the common room and introduce everything. If there is a crisis, they are in charge (under the professors, of course). Within the school and grounds, they are to enforce rules and regulations.

    That's all I can think of. Basically, they're prefects with more power!

    Hope this helped,

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    Thank you! So I was right in thinking that Lily and James don't spend a lot of alone-time together, which is good for my fic.

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