Imagine that Draco is a Dark person. Not emo. Not at all. But, like, he's starting to be more "realistic" about where his life is leading. He starts to believe in that whole fate and things always ending up the way they are supose to thing. Maybe he's even becoming harsher with the people at school. Now imagine that Hermione is, well, herself. Completely. She's still the stubborn, intellegent, know-it-all, girl. What do you think, that it would take, to REALLY make them get together? And I don't mean dating, because the idea of them dating and people knowing in my opinion is crazy. More like a secret lust type thing. What would it take to push them to the brink? I've always seen them as the secret couple who hate the attraction, but keep coming back for more. I can always see Hermione fighting Draco off, but eventually giving in. Like one of those insulting each other like they do, and almsot getting to the point of physical attacks when the passion hits. Then they push away and Hermione either slaps him or runs away. But what do you think would push them to that point. Draco doesn't want to be close to her, because she's a muggleborn and obviously dirty. She will never really trust him because of who his father is. So how do they get there? I'm tired of reading about them becoming passionate over firewhiskey or teenage hormones. Nothing can make them forget who the other is. So how can it happen?

I'm a huge dramione fan. I'm writing a dark!draco and stubborn!hermione fic. So help.