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Thread: Pairing - Draco/Hermione

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    I can't say I've ever much supported Draco/Hermione. I find it unrealistic that Draco would fall for someone he considers so much lower than himself, and that Hermione would like someone who has treated her so badly her entire school years. Hermione strikes me as the kind of person who is perfectly capable of bearing a grudge, and although she is very logical and a quick thinker, she's very irrational when it comes to her emotions and probably has some problems understanding how people really function. Draco is a pure-blood supremist, and has learned this from his family whom he, as previously mentioned, care for a great deal and whom are very important to him. His family is a security he would not willingly rid himself of.

    That said, I would like to point out that nothing is impossible. As a shipper of many rare and often very little liked pairs I believe this most strongly. If someone says it's impossible, you can be damned sure I'm going to find a way to prove that it isn't.

    I agree with everyone who has said that you should give them more time. Three weeks is not enough to right a lifetime of wrongs with these two. I also agree that he probably wouldn't come to her aid, because Draco isn't a hero. He won't help anyone if it would mean risking his own neck. I do believe, however, that Draco can be both loyal and protective in private, and he most definitely has the ability to be both loving and caring. I see him as wanting to help, but not being able to and hence being very torn about it. He might therefore overcompensate by being extra caring when the torture is over and they're on their own.

    Sorry if none of that made any sense. It's 1 AM.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    As for your other question, do you honestly know anyone who's dating someone and calls their SO by their surname?
    I Japan this is quite common, actually, at least among teenagers. Some couples don't call each other by their first name until they're married. The exception is people who have known each other since their childhood.


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    In my mind, I believe that the "timing" of the torture would make all the difference.
    Say, if Draco had only just begun to realize his affection for Hermione, then I think he would probably watch and do nothing, although he would kill himself inside for allowing it to happen. I see Draco as a man shackled by his pride, and some cowardice, to a life he doesn't want to lead. He honestly wishes he could stand up to his father and save Hermione, but he doubts himself. He wonders if he could even successfully save her, and furthermore if, in fact, he COULD save her, whether or not he could face the truth of his, and her, emotions.
    However, if he had accepted that he loved her, then I believe that this fierce loyalty would give him the courage to save her. [It feels to me that if Draco accepted his love for her, he would love her with every fiber of his heart and soul and do anything for her]
    I must admit, Iím terribly romantic; thus, I see a tragic Draco who has to battle through his pride in order to allow him to admit his passion for Hermione. :]

    On the other matter, I definitely see bantering, calling names, arguing, etc. to be a big part of Draco and Hermione's relationship. And most definitely, they would stick to "Malfoy" and "Granger", although I can see them using Draco/Hermione in those little, special moments.
    For me, they simply have too much history to forget everything and be a "happy-go-lucky" couple like perhaps, Ginny and Harry might be. In fact, I believe they would relish such arguments as they might have. I see them both as highly intelligent beings who would love a debate every now and then, if only to see who can best whom in a battle of words.
    That's another reason why I picture them using 'Malfoy' and 'Granger' - it would be just Hogwarts days where they fought every other day. Both, I believe, would find this highly amusing, considering how much both their lives would have changed by then.

    As you can see, I have quite the active imagination. :]

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    I think that Draco would maybe not do anything...if his feelings have been growing towards Hermione, then he may wince or fell bad, but Draco is (sorry to those who love him) a coward, if you are writing him in Canon. He's a brat who does what he has to and brags about his fathers infamy and prestige in his spare time.

    I do love him, though, don't get me wrong.

    It's just it would be unrealistic to have him stick up for her...he's not used to that kind of thing...When's the last time he had to stick up for Crabbe? or Goyle? Sure, he banters with people about his father, but all he really ever does about people who criticize his family is criticize theirs more and maybe hex them. But if someone was torturing Hermione? I don't think he would fight them off, etc.

    It would make a really great conversation for afterwards though. Like Hermione could be all hurt or whatever, and he could mumble "Sorry" or something and then be cold to her again, as to suggest he's growing a conscience. Just be careful though; please DO NOT write a fic where Draco is just misunderstood and his whole life has been dictated by his daddy and now he's changing everything about himself all in the name of love!

    Draco will always be a selfish, arrogant prat. The trick to writing him (in my opinion) is to make the reader (and Hermione) fall in love with him anyway.

    Good luck and hope I helped!

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    bearing in mind that he did just stand and watch when Hermione was tortured in DH, this is fanfiction Draco. He may be slightly repentant or whatever. However he would protest, it would be in his trademarked sneaky passive-aggressive way, not in outright heroics.

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    In DH, Draco stood by and watched the torture. However, he didn't look all that happy about it. Also, when he had to identify them, he tried to avoid it as much as possible. So he didn't WANT them to be tortured, and he didn't LIKE it, when it happened either.

    I think that Draco knows the difference between right and wrong, but he tends to go with the flow instead of standing up for what he believes, because, as some people have said, he's a coward.
    You'll love it.

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    I agree a lot with what Gemma said. Draco's not black or white like a lot of people are describing him to be. At least not in my eyes.

    He's not twisted enough to enjoy the torture but neither is he brave enough to stop it. I can guess the kind of direction you're wanting to go with your story but realistically, there are some faults I think. For one, three weeks really won't be long enough to forget years of strong, strong animosity. If there was a situation where they were cooped up together for three weeks I don't really think that much affection would grow.

    This really depends on time because at the stages that draco and hermione are at at the end of Hogwarts doesn't provide much hope for romantics. Draco is much too immature and generally weak for that to happen, whereas Hermione is much stronger in both personality and mind. Draco really MUST go through some life-altering changes, but keep some of his prominent qualities if you want to make a romance. Oddly I think the most mature qualities Draco ever shows is in the sixth book when he's going through so much. He's stonger there and more driven which is where I think they can find their love.

    For example, the best D/Hr romance I've ever read is The Sweetest Sin where the characters both go through huge changes. It makes the romance work, and though I'm not saying that every story has to model itself around it, the idea of change in the characters is needed, I think.

    If they were dating, which would need a HUGE lead up, (in my mind if they love each other realistically they would move really fast, especially because their relationship would be so unstable, it would evoke rashness from both of them...-shrug-) first names would be comon I think. They would fight a lot, but not the kind of Ron/hermoine happy-bickering, so no Malfoy all the time...^_^. It's odd to have them call each other by their first names, I know, but if they're romantically involved () I think it's needed.

    I hope I helped!

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    I think that Draco knows the difference between right and wrong, but he tends to go with the flow instead of standing up for what he believes, because, as some people have said, he's a coward.
    I agree. Draco, as much as I love to write the kid, is a huge coward. I think though, that that has to do with his upbringing, while many children's parents taught them to stand up for what they think is right, I believe that Draco was told to not do that. His father wanted control, and I feel he used his family for that.

    As far as what they would call each other, after three weeks they would still be on surname terms. I don't believe either would yet have fallen for the other, at least not enough to do anything.

    As for the torture, I feel that after three weeks stuck with each other, Hermione would have yelled at him enough for him to start to realize he needed to change. Draco is a smart kid and I think he knows Hermione is brilliant. Sometimes all you need is someone not close to you to point out your falls and it is incintive to change. Now I am not saying that he would run in front of the curse to save her, but i think he would use another way to either talk them out of it or trick them into stopping.

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    I personally imagine that Draco would be...excited, let's say, at the notion of torturing a Muggleborn, until it came to the crunch, where he would turn even paler than usual and perhaps even faint. All his bravado and notions of Pure Blood superiority would be lost in the moment. As others have said before, we see in DH that Draco realises when this kind of thing is wrong; he's just too scared to do anything about it. If he has come to know Hermione better, he might suggest they stop, but I don't think he would know how to stop it. He has been brought up for his whole life to believe Muggleborns are scum; I imagine it would take a great deal of time for him to be completely swayed in the other direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    As for your other question, do you honestly know anyone who's dating someone and calls their SO by their surname? With the POSSIBLE exception of in a professional capacity where it would be completely unacceptable to do otherwise (although I'm guessing from the very question itself, the answer to that is 'no')
    If anyone's seen Northern Exposure (and I suggest you do because it's one of my favourite shows!) you'll see the romance between two of the main characters. After years of bickering they start going out, they continue to use their second names when addressing eachother (and they continue to bicker too!). It's sooooo cute !

    So, in a roundabout way, I'm saying I think they could continue to use surnames! (Although I couldn't ever really imagine them going out...)

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    Hufflepuff at Heart, made me think of something Hermione would do in the situation of them being stuck together. Draco for the first amount of time would still be very much so stuck on the belief he is better than Hermione, but I think Hermione is the type of person to prove to him, with a long logical reason, as to why there is no difference in purebloods and muggleborn, besides who there parents were. I can see Draco pushing that idea off, but thinking about it in the torture.

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    I agree with Kathryn that Hermione would try to prove to Draco that she just as good as anyone else. It would be a mission. She would push and push, because thats what she does! haha. If there was any attracting to each other, I believe it would be in the fact that Draco would think how weak she is but be amazed at the back that she was being tortured and never gave anything away. He would be impressed by her bravery, which is the one thing he doesn't have.


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