I can't say I've ever much supported Draco/Hermione. I find it unrealistic that Draco would fall for someone he considers so much lower than himself, and that Hermione would like someone who has treated her so badly her entire school years. Hermione strikes me as the kind of person who is perfectly capable of bearing a grudge, and although she is very logical and a quick thinker, she's very irrational when it comes to her emotions and probably has some problems understanding how people really function. Draco is a pure-blood supremist, and has learned this from his family whom he, as previously mentioned, care for a great deal and whom are very important to him. His family is a security he would not willingly rid himself of.

That said, I would like to point out that nothing is impossible. As a shipper of many rare and often very little liked pairs I believe this most strongly. If someone says it's impossible, you can be damned sure I'm going to find a way to prove that it isn't.

I agree with everyone who has said that you should give them more time. Three weeks is not enough to right a lifetime of wrongs with these two. I also agree that he probably wouldn't come to her aid, because Draco isn't a hero. He won't help anyone if it would mean risking his own neck. I do believe, however, that Draco can be both loyal and protective in private, and he most definitely has the ability to be both loving and caring. I see him as wanting to help, but not being able to and hence being very torn about it. He might therefore overcompensate by being extra caring when the torture is over and they're on their own.

Sorry if none of that made any sense. It's 1 AM.

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As for your other question, do you honestly know anyone who's dating someone and calls their SO by their surname?
I Japan this is quite common, actually, at least among teenagers. Some couples don't call each other by their first name until they're married. The exception is people who have known each other since their childhood.