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Thread: Pairing - Draco/Hermione

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    Pairing - Draco/Hermione

    I'm writing a fanfic and there's a scene where Hermione is being tortured in front of Draco. Let's say they've been trapped together for about three weeks, and they're always bickering and arguing, but the main point is, they're used to each other's company. How would Draco react to her being tortured. Would he stand there and smirk? Would he help her?

    And another thing, if Draco and Hermione begin dating, would they still bicker and argue and call each other names, etc. all the time? And would they call each other by their first names, or would they stick to 'Malfoy' and 'Granger'?

    If any other questions pop up to me, I'll be sure to add it here.

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    It depends on how your characterizing them both. If Malfoy is the stuck up brat we see all to much, I think he might protest a little bit, but be easily swayed. Then he would whine about it. If he's the cold hearted death eater, he would probably be doing the torturing. If Draco's playing the kid who's life is lead by his dad, then I think Draco would put a stop to the torture. If its the stupid, pointless, misunderstood, unbelievably gorgeous (BARF) Draco we see in so many teen hormone induced fictions, Draco would probably stop the torture, then kiss hermione.

    I really hope it isn't the last one.

    If the two of them had been pushed together, and were tolerating each other, Hermione would probably be bossy, and a little nosey. To characterize Draco well you really need to look at the annoying preps at your school who think they're better than everyone. There you go.

    Hope this helps!


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    Canonically, Draco and Hermione would never end up together, because whatever else Draco is (and he has virtues; he is intelligent and ambitious and loyal to his family, and yes, he is good looking), he's a racist superior prat. Hermione doesn't LIKE Draco, and Draco thinks Hermione is several levels beneath him. Canonically, if Hermione were being tortured, he'd sit there and smirk or possibly encourage the tormenters and feed them tales of her further misdeeds, although he doesn't seem to have much stomach for doing the dirty work himself.

    So if you're writing a story where they become friends, lovers, partners or spouses, the first thing you have to do is make Draco be less of a racist jerk and Hermione to come around to see it, and that would take supreme effort on both parts. Long after Draco's "changed" (which is not going to happen in 3 weeks, sorry), Hermione's still going to mistrust him. Both of them are intelligent and ambitious enough to do the "What happens here stays here" thing and cooperate to get each other out of whatever situation is if it's one where they simply MUST cooperate, though.

    As for your other question, do you honestly know anyone who's dating someone and calls their SO by their surname? With the POSSIBLE exception of in a professional capacity where it would be completely unacceptable to do otherwise (although I'm guessing from the very question itself, the answer to that is 'no')

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    The hard part about writing Draco/Hermione is that both Draco and Hermione have to change a lot for their relationship to work, and they are both very different characters. Like cmwinters said, Draco does have values. Slytherins do have values, even though they are very different from those of the other houses. One of those values is upholding the family name. Since family is so important, Draco could be realistically characterized as someone who is quick to defend those he cares about. I think you should have them trapped together for more than three weeks before Hermione's torture, because Draco needs more time to learn to accept Hermione. That’s another quality of Slytherins- they don’t easily accept differences.
    During Hermione’s torture, if enough time had passed and Draco had a very good reason to begin accepting Hermione, he would react to the torture. I doubt he would try to intervene out of fear of being considered weak, but he would react in some way. I don’t know if the setting would allow this, considering they’re trapped together, but I could see Draco walking out in this type of situation, if he chooses not to say anything. If he does say something, however, it wouldn’t be a demand to stop, just because it would be OOC for Draco to defend a muggle-born like that.
    About the names: I think that for a long time they would still call each other ‘Malfoy’ and ‘Granger’. Eventually, they probably would start using each other’s first names, but like I said earlier, it Draco would need a lot of time and a very good reason to start thinking of Hermione as more than a ‘Mudblood’.

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    I think you get to see a lot of Draco's reactions to this sort of situations in DH...

    Anyways, I really doubt he would stand up for Hermione, after all, he does know better than that! He's not Ron Yell-her-name-until-your-lungs-rip-off Weasley. And, because of that, I don't think he'd sit there smirking and encouraging the DE either... after all, he didn't turn Potter in, did he?

    So, IMHO, Draco would just stare helplessly, paling and trying to do something without being too bold... I think that you could show he cares without making him the hero. And Hermioe could notice

    As for your second question... nah! I think they's probably stick to the surname basis, but say it in a more affectionate way of sorts.

    Hope it helps!

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur
    Draco is a slimy worm. Even if he'd grown 'used' to Hermione, I really don't think he'd just rescue her. I think he'd do a whiney, complainey winge. But as we've seen a lot, Draco isn't particularly brave, and I doubt he's about to start getting all heroic and saving a swooning Hermione from some slimy evil prat.

    If Malfoy and Hermione got together (which is highly unlikely, but if you HAVE to have it you must) I think they'd use their surnames. Not all the time, but as one of those long-standing family jokes.

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    If portrayed correctly as to how he'd act in the books, i'd imagine that he would'nt save Hermione, but then he also wouldn't smirk and stand there like a cold hearted person, because while he is cruel, he doesnt like torture, i think that he would cower in the corner, or look away.

    As for the getting used to each other bit, that is definatly not cannon. Draco will never associate himself with mud bloods just because of his bringing up. It seems that he will do whatever he needs to do to stay alive- as will the rest of his family. this also means that if he was in the preasence of deatheaters more powerful than him, he would undoubtedly not save the person they were against. He lacks bravery, and that is a trait brought up by all books.


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    I don't think draco will smirk while watching hermione get tortured. This has been proved in DH. About saving hermione, i guess that would depend on how much they have got to know each other, so that would depend on your story. Also, i think draco and hermione can get together. It has been proved in the books that he has changed a lot after his talk with dumbledore and so i think as time passes he'd get rid of his racist attitude totally. So, i'm kinda for a Dramione pairing!!

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    Draco's a coward. Period.
    If you want to abide by Canon rules: Draco will never ever come to Hermione's aid.
    He wouldn't stand there and smirk either, because he's not cuel. He would hide behind someone and whine for his mummy.o

    What he IS is as Phoebe Gruzelieur so rightly put: a slimy worm.

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    going by J.K.Rowling's charecterization of draco , he is a coward , who though knows how to differentiate between right and wrong , doesn't have the guts to do so.

    he may probably feel hurt seeing hermione tortured but 9/10 chances are that he'll either run away , or hide himself from view . maybe he might even be prevailed upon to join the torturers . drco is just not brave . it's unthinkable.

    i think draco can never date hermione . it's against his principles , and goes against all that he has known since childhood . hermione would need much more than just beauty and brains to make him think of her as other than a mudblood.

    but assuming that they do fall in love, draco and hermione will probably still keep bickering (more like hermione/ron) but call each other by their first names, except when they want to annoy the other .

    (all this from a person who loooves draco/hermione paring !)

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