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Thread: Pointed hats?

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    Pointed hats?

    I was rereading Philosopher's Stone when something caught my eye: they were required to buy pointed hats as a part of their uniform, for day use (as stated). And they are wearing them normally (it says in the books).

    The question is, do you guys think that they wear pointed hats in higher years? Has J.K. ever said so?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

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    Near the beginning of Chapter 26 of Goblet of Fire it says:

    'Snape said Moody's searched his office as well?' Ron whispered, his eyes alight wtih interest as he Banished a cushion with a sweep of his wand (it soared into the air and knocked Pavarti's hat off).
    This would indicate that they continue to wear the hats, although it's possible that only first years wear the pointed ones and Pavarti just wanted to wear a hat that day. I think you could probably go either way with it.

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    Thank you. I personally think, with the uniform rules, that the Hogwarts robes, and all of the accessories (tie, hat...) are mandatory.

    Oh, and another question: do you guys think that during weekends, holidays, etc. students are permitted to wear the Hogwarts uniform? Or can they wear jeans, skirts, sweaters and things like that?

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    During weekends and holidays, then it's just like if they weren't at school, I would think. Uniforms wouldn't be required, though exactly how much they'd wear Muggle clothing is debatable. The films, of course, seem to rarely want to put the students in robes, but in reality?


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