Let me first make it crystal clear that I have read the archived material on Vampires. There is no need, for my sake, to repeat what has been said before. I have practically commited it to memory. This is a new line of questioning, and I would welcome the thoughts of all those who contributed to the earlier threads or anyone else who cares to speak up.

I am trying to establish a realistic but cannon concept of vampires in the magical world.

My new questions:

Vampire societies? What would they be like? The idea of a werewolf packs seem to be a given in fan fiction (with exceptions), but what about Vampires? Reflections? I would not object to a few suggestions for naming either... would it be a clan? brotherhood of blood? those of badly-in-need-of-an-orthadontist?

Muggle vs. Magical Vampires: There were some comments on this, but could anyone expound to a greater degree? I am interested in the repurcussions muggle Vampires would have on the wizarding world. Suppose Voldemort wanted to turn muggles and use them as disposable weapons against his enemies, promising them cures in return for their service? I think their would be a deep hatred between muggle vampires and the magical world, since the only thing they got out of it was a dreadful curse.

***Note: Point taken about not downplaying the horribleness of the Vampire curse. My vampires cannot live in sunlight, don't die unless killed properly, need blood to survive, and they cannot reproduce. A human is turned by being bitten by a Vampire. All Vampires crave human blood, but for the purposes of my story they do not depend on it. Animal blood can keep them alive. If a vampire tastes human blood once he or she craves it more then before... you get the picture. The more they drink the more insatiable they become. I am, however, shying away from the idea that they have no souls. Going with the disease idea, not the undead approach. We've got Inferi to fill that capacity. Vampirism is like Werewolfeism, only worse-- the whole 24/7/forever thing.

3.) Ok, based on what I just said above, does it sound plausible that a Vampire could have a choice between killing or turning their victim?

4.) If there was a community of Vampires in London where would they live? The underground/sewers seems just a shade cliche. Ideas?

5.) I am taking it for granted that Vampires don't usually hold jobs, not even night jobs. What do they do with their time? Twiddle their thumbs?

6.) In the last thread no one brought up the information JKR provides about other vampires, like Lorcan d'Eath, Heartthrob singer, part vampire, nineteen weeks at number 1 with hit song 'Necks to You.' JKR's Wizard of the Month for November 2006 (JKR). (see the Lexicon~Magical Beings for more) (What do you guys think part-vampire means?!?)

The entries tend to show JKR's lighthearted, beloved style. How does this impact the way we portray Vampires in cannon fan fiction? My vampires are not amusing, but should levity play its part... I'm thinking about the lines of a Furry-Little-Problem, except here it would be a...?

What are a vampire's 'powers.' I am very unclear on this point. This is important for me because I want to know why Voldemort would be interested them. Again, there were some thoughts on this in the other thread, but I didn't get a clear idea what powers are particularly associated with Vampires... or are there none? Are they just deathless, cursed beings?

8.) One last thing: How long are a vampire's fangs, and are they always visible?

Good gracious, that was a lot of questions. My story hinges on the existence of a large Vampire community in London. Hence my interest in re-opening discussion on this reoccuring theme.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts,