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    Hi! Is anyone aware of any potions that would be brewed in a seventh year class? If not does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would think wolfsbane potion would be a seventh year project. There isn't anything listed but here are a few I would think that would require seventh year skills:
    Blood-Replenishing Potion
    Draught of Living Death
    Elixir of Life
    Felix Felicis
    Mandrake Draught
    Truth Potion

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    Blood replenishing potion, Elixir to Induce Euphoria, Fire Protection Potion, Pepperup Potion?

    Veritaserum, Amortentia and/or Felix Felicis were *demonstrated* in 6th year but not brewed.

    As the Draught of Peace is taught in fifth year, I doubt the Draught of Living Death is taught in seventh, as it's pretty much the same potion with the same ingredients, just in different quantities.

    I'd also expect to see more poisons and antidotes, as it's one of the reasons Harry needed NEWT Potions in his quest to be an Auror.

    I think Skele-Gro, the Oblivious Unction and the Unctuous Unction are probably still protected under whatever the Wizard version of a patent is, and I think Wolfsbane is probably a beyond-school level spell.

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    Draught of the Living Death is sixth year curriculum; they brew it in HBP.

    You can't brew Elixir of Life, by the way. You only get it from the Philosopher's Stone. Otherwise, Voldemort wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to get the stone, if he could have just had Quirrel brew the potion instead.

    I'd take a look in the Encyclopedia of Potions on the Lexicon. Every potion that's mentioned in the books is listed there.

    I also think that Skele-Gro, Doxycide and the unctions that cmwinters mentioned are products you can purchase, not potions you brew for yourself.

    I could see them making Veritaserum, but the teacher would have to keep very good watch that none of the students bottled some for themselves. Could be dangerous to have a student running around with a potion like that. I can also definitely see noth Amortentia and Felix Felicis, because, as cmwinters said, they were demonstrated but not brewed in HBP.

    If you don't want to use anything you find on the lexicon, though, you can always invent something for yourself. I invented a potion for one of my fics, when I wanted them to be making a potion that wasn't in the books.

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    Wow! Thanks everyone you provided me with exactly what I needed!

    Mods feel free to lock and grave.

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