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Thread: Time Turner Question

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    Neville's Girl

    Time Turner Question

    How many grains of sand would you guess are in the Time Turner's hourglass?

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    How many grains of sand are in a time turner?

    Off the top of my head I would have said around 23,384. However, I shall do a quick bit of thinking and research to try and offer a better answer.

    Firstly, let us assume that...

    ...actually, let's not assume, let's be cold hearted and cynical, or instead be cryptic and magical.

    The time turner in Hermione's possession is small enough to be worn on a chain and hidden from view. Given that a minute hourglass measures roughly three inches in height, and making some very lazy mental calculations based upon the size of hourglasses on increasing durations, the time it would actually take for the sand to flow through such a device normally would be around forty seconds at best. So, take a one minute hour glass, smash it and empty the sand upon a table, count up all the grains, and around 66% of that value should be roughly accurate.

    Now, back in world, why do you need to know this? I don't normally openly question the logic of posts here, but I cannot begin to understand why you would need such a number. Assuming that the movie version of the time-turner is roughly accurate to J.K. Rowlings concept for the device, then it is the outer wheel of the time turner which is turned to retreat back in time. The hourglass within is, if anything, merely representative of the device's function, rather than crucial to its use.

    But even if it isn't, why do you need to know? I apologize for what will undoubtedly seem like a sharp and scathing reply, but in all my time here I don't believe I have encountered a more random question. Moreover, if I was reading a fic and it said how many grains of sand were present, I would probably move on and read something else. It really does seem like a completely superfluous piece of information (and this is coming from the man who has the wand specifications of all of his characters - though I only describe three in my whole series).

    If there is a good reason for this question, then do not hesitate to explain, but if not, I would advise you think about replacing the sentence this fits into. Sorry.

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    red haired mom

    I have to agree with AurorKeefy, unless there is a specific reason why you would need this information, and it doesn't include telling the amount of sand in a time-turner, I wouldn't worry about how many, and replace it with something else.

    If you are asking for the reason of time-turner sizes and the differing time-leaps, then I think I may be able to answer that.

    The one Hermione used was a very small one, and only took her hours into the past.
    The next size up would correspondingly take you days into the past.
    Next would be weeks, and then months, and then years, etc.

    Does that make sense? The larger the time-turner, the longer the movements through time are possible. But, the sand in the hourglass shouldn't matter, because it would take several seconds, minutes or even hours just to have one turn of the time-turner. It is representative of the sands of time, and in no way useful to the device whatsoever.

    Good luck, and I too would like to know why you needed the information, if you are so inclined to tell us.


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    Neville's Girl
    I guess it does sound like a random question, but in the story I'm writing currently, some one has to recreate a working Time Turner and I thought I'd get some opinions on how many grains of sand are in one. I just needed a number like "around 10,000" or something. Nothing like "72,001.87".

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    This depends so signficantly on so many factors that you can pretty much do what you want with it.

    Your factors are:
    • The size of the individual grains of sand
    • The size of the opening
    • The size of the hourglass itself

    The time turner was tiny. The Nima sand calendar is huge.

    You might be able to get a decent, more exact answer from a chemistry teacher. Find out how much an individual grain of sand weighs, smash a cheap minute timer, weigh the contents and there you go.

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    Neville's Girl
    I guess I'm okay now. Thank you to those who replied. Please lock this thread.

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