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Thread: Scorpius Malfoy

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    Thanks for your advice, OliveOil_Med! Hmm...I think I'll make him stay in Malfoy Manor. It seems like it would be interesting, 3 gens of Malfoys under one roof. Also, I was thinking of giving Scorpius a sister, either a twin or more like Lily's age. In the Epilogue, it says that Draco Malfoy was standing there with 'his son' not his older or younger son, implying that Scorpius has no brothers. I am trying to make this as canon as possible though, so I'm not sure if I can make this work.

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    Again I say, for as little as we know about the Potters and the Weasleys, we know even less about the Malfoys. As far as I know, giving him a little sister would not upset canon. I have actually seen many stories where Scorpius has a little sister. Here is a link to one that we have right on the archives.


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    Ah, cool! This is why I prefer Next-Gen, Marauder-Era, and Bill-Charlie-Tonks-era. It's a blank slate.

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    I am currently working on a rather lengthy second generation story and, with Scorpius being one of the main characters, I would really like to start up some discussion on this topic again. I guess I'll post some general questions.

    What is Astoria Greengrass like and how does Scorpius get along with his mother?

    My image of Astoria is a tall, slender witch with blue gray eyes and long dark hair that hangs all the way to her waist. I have always seen her as not showing very much emotion but still has a caring heart. Although she is cautious around Muggles and Muggle-borns, she hates the tern "Mudblood." She has a very strong moral compass and tries to lead Draco and Scorpius in the right direction. As a mother, she is very understanding and easy to talk to. Scorpius would be very close to his mother even if he doesn't tell her everything or always ask for her advice, but he would kill anyone who touched her.

    What kind of personality does he have and what House is he sorted into?

    I think he would be rather quiet and doesn’t normally say too much. He tends to keep everyone at a slight distance which gives him an arrogant aura, though he is really more like self-consciousness. He is very aware of the what others think of him and his family, though he tries to seem like it doesn’t bother him. He is very close to both his parents and will defend them till the end. He hardly ever loosens up and just has fun, and he is usually very formal and unemotional. When he does get emotionally attached to someone, he is very protective. He is not very good at expressing his feelings and usually just comes out with something very deep and meaningful at strange moments and in a rather casual tone of voice. He is prone to yelling and rambling when angry, but he usually only acts on the defense and rarely looks for a fight. He also wants nothing more than to clear the Malfoy name. I think he would play as Seeker on the Hogwarts Quidditch team and be Captain his sixth and seventh years, along with being a Prefect. He would have a natural talent for learning new spells but often struggles with procrastination when studying for a test or exam which usually bring his marks down to A’s, though his practical exams are perfect O’s.

    Are you fan of "Scorose"? If so, what do you enjoy about this couple and what could a fan fiction author do that would make or break a story about them? If not, why do you not like them together and what would maybe change your mind?

    I am writing a pretty long story about them, so yes, I would say I am a fan. Honestly, as soon as Ron warned Rose not to get too friendly with Scorpius or never to marry a Pure-blood, I think we all knew that they were an item. JKR doesn't do things without reason, so I think there's a pretty good chance that she meant for us to read into the Epilogue and put these two together. I really enjoy fanfics that delve into how hard their relationship would be. After all, everyone knows how their fathers feel about each other. I don't really like fics with them having a happy, easy relationship or have a hidden relationship. Honestly, I think Rose would tell her father, and even if they did try to keep it a secret, Hogwarts is over-run with Weasley cousins. Somebody would notice something after a while.

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