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Thread: Scorpius Malfoy

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    Can anyone suggest a name for Scorpius' mother? Thanks .

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    Naturally, I'd suggest the name of my OC who in my fics is Scorpius' mother...however, I'm sure there are dozens of other possibilities. I can't be the only one to have written a bride for Malfoy.

    Make one up, if you want. You might just find yourself writing a romantic "prequel" for this character.

    If all you want is a name, not a character, I suggest something latin or roman. I assume (as I have with my OC) that she'd be pureblood, so probably an aristocratic sounding name.

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    For a WIP, I searched the classlist on the lexicon and found out about the four girls in Slytherin. I chose Daphne Greengrass, who was mentioned once in canon, while Hermoine was taking her OWLs, but it was never specified which House she was in. I thought she would be a good choice, because she's been mentioned in the books, but we don't really know much about her. She's also the only pureblood Slytherin besides Pansy in Draco's year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by xombie
    Can anyone suggest a name for Scorpius' mother? Thanks .
    I personally assumed Scorpius' mother was Pansy Parkinson.

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    Sorry to backtrack to the previous question (is that allowed? I didn't see anything in the rules about it).

    The question about where Scorpius would end up brings up the very interesting idea of whether nature or nurture influences personality more. Well, Scorpius has the double nature of a Malfoy and the nurture of a Malfoy, but Draco Malfoy could be very different from his father. Because Malfoy's life was so affected by this second war and the disdain of the wizarding community for his father, he might nurture his son very differently. I can't imagine that he would actually want for his son to be in a different house than Slytherin, but I think it is still very possible that Scoripus could be affected by how he sees that other people see his family, and want to be a different kind of person. That was kind of a twisted sentence. I mean that Scorpius could see that the rest of wizarding world views people like his dad's family as dark and "wrong" and would want to be viewed differently.

    Everyone wants acceptance and to develop an identity. The question is whether he would chose to identify himself with his family's past or with the majority of the wizarding world.

    Because we know so *very* little about Scorpius it would really be plausible to put him anywhere.

    Note: When I said that the wizarding world views the Malfoys are bad or wrong, I in no way implied that they are; we'll leave that arguement for a HP and philosophy thread somewhere else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmwinters
    I personally assumed Scorpius' mother was Pansy Parkinson.
    There's nothing that says she isn't, but there's nothing that says she IS (if you catch my drift). The fact that JK didn't identify her during the Epilogue (to me) says that she isn't someone we know from canon. She isn't Pansy (otherwise I assume she'd be identified), and she's either someone the trio don't know, or a new character--one Draco met since the end of school--and JKR didn't want to or feel the need to identify her for the reader. After all, what's the point of introducing a spouse in the epilogue as a new character? The series is over (sadly)? However, you'd think she WOULD introduce a spouse we DID know. Anyways, that's my analysis based on assumptions.

    And I have to agree with mecredi: all we know is that his name is Scorpius and he looks like his daddy. Who knows how he's been influenced growing up, how he's reacted, rebelled, or followed. There are so many ifs. I could go on and on but I'm sure you can imagine the ifs yourself. IF Draco changes since the battle, IF he treats his son differently than Lucius treated him, IF Scorpius is strong or weak or compliant or spoiled or any of that. We don't know. This is why I find him such an interesting character. There is no right or wrong, only well justified or not.

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    Originally Posted by cmwinters
    I personally assumed Scorpius' mother was Pansy Parkinson.
    I agree. I guess my thought was mainly along the lines of, "who else would have him?" The Malfoys may have escaped prison but they certainly wouldn't be popular and considering how they were treated in DH, I doubt Voldemort's sympathizers would be overly fond of them either. Pansy was the one who wanted to turn Harry over to Voldemort in DH and she and Draco were dating in their sixth year. She at least seems a probable choice.

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    I don't think that Draco's wife is Pansy. JKR wrote only that Draco's wife was with him. There's no description and no sign of recognition from the Potters and Weasleys except that she is, in fact, Draco's wife. Every other character that was previously known is brought into the epilogue without any explanatory sentence such as "Harry's wife, Ginny, did x." The woman with Draco is only identified as his wife.

    While Pansy was involved with Draco while she was in the 4th-6th years, we don't know what happened in the 7th year, nor do we know what happened in the next nineteen years. There are plenty of girls in the trio's year, not to mention the years above and below, who we do not have information on. It is entirely possible that someone we have not been introduced to would "take" Draco.

    It would make for a very neat story if the Slytherin power couple ended up together as well as Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. However, even given her penchant for the One True Love idea, JKR herself said in the Bloomsbury chat (in response to a question about possible Minerva/Albus action), "Not everybody falls in love with everybody else." The vague feel of the epilogue was purposefully designed so that we are left not with a neat story. I don't think we should assume that a previously-mentioned character is automatically involved.

    At the ripe old age of 19, I'm already convinced that I don't want to end up married to the boy I dated in high school. I can imagine that Draco and Pansy might have similar sentiments. So, while marrying them in your fic is a perfectfully valid and justifiable idea, not marrying them is just as valid.

    I believe xombie asked for ideas for names? Personally, I think you should come up with a character before a name. What kind of character are you imagining? That should help in your quest for a name.

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    Well HALLO!!
    Am I the only one here who thinks putting Scorpius in Hufflepuff is the best idea ever. When I read the book, and Harry was talking to Albus about houses. I thought that Albus seemed to have all the Hufflepuff qualities, loyal friend, hard working and fair. I also thought that Albus and Scorpius would bee perfect best friends (and possible lovers)
    And even if we don't know about what happend to Draco after the war. We can se changes in his personality already in book six. Who was Draco hanging out with if not... YEAH THATS RIGHT... muggleborn, moaning Myrtle Atleast I thought it seemed like Draco and Myrtle liked each other as more than friends. And even if Draco didn't know she wasn't pure (and dead) this shows that the person that Draco merried doesn't have had to be the kind of girl we'd all asume him to fall in love with. We know from the book that Scorpius is a pureblood, but purebloods exist in all houses. And for the person who said that Scorpius seem to smart to be in Hufflepuff, that's just stupid. That Hufflepuffs are stupid is just a myth. Who is the smartest student in Harry's year after Hermione. Isn't it the Hufflepuff student Earnie MacMillan? Even if Malfoy still was the same after the war, that doesn't mean that Scorpius have to be the same. People from the same family can still have diffrent oppionions. My Grandma for example is a homophobe but her sister is on the other hand pro gay rights. Sirius was in Gryffindor even though his family were all Slytherins.
    I know someone here said that he hated his family, but I disagree with my dad about pretty much everything. I'm nothing like him at all. Does I hate him, no I don't. Does I hate my grandma for not approve of homosexuals, no I don't. Does she hate me for being gay, no she don't. So even if she don't like it, she accept it, and I accept her.
    Besides isn't the whole point of the HP book that we should not judge people from what their parents have done, but for what they them self have done.
    We don't know anything about Scorpius so you could pretty much put him in any house.
    But personly I'd very much like a Hufflepuff Scorpius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greennotebook
    At the ripe old age of 19, I'm already convinced that I don't want to end up married to the boy I dated in high school. I can imagine that Draco and Pansy might have similar sentiments. So, while marrying them in your fic is a perfectfully valid and justifiable idea, not marrying them is just as valid.
    I agree, wholeheartedly. Which is why I so strenuously object to Jo doing this for EVERYONE. It makes me insane. It's completely unrealistic and unreasonable, in my opinion, but nevertheless, that's the pattern she's established.

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