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Thread: Two Questions about James Potter II

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    Neville's Girl

    Two Questions about James Potter II

    I have two questions that can't seem to find the answers to and I was wondering if one (or two) of the kind people on this board could help me.
    What does James Potter Jr. look like?
    What year at Hogwarts is he in during the Epilogue?

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    Celestial Melody
    Well, he's a second-year; most likely no higher than that. However, as I don't have my book with me at the moment, I can't look up a visual description of James for you. I do know that Albus Severus is the "spitting image" of Harry, so... But then, that does not signify that James looks like his mother. /rambling. I'm sorry, I don't know.

    However, there is a wonderful site where you can look up all things HP. Click! There isn't very much on the HP Lexicon about DH at the moment, but there is a little.

    Hope that helped!


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    Neville's Girl
    Thank you. Mods, you can lock this thread now, if you like.

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    Actually, there was nothing on the epilogue characters in the lexicon. I'll look it up right now. I just need to get this posted before it gets locked . . .It actually didn't say much. BUT it did say that Albus was the only one that got Harry's/Lily's eyes. So he most likely has brown eyes like Ginny.

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    Neville's Girl
    Thank you! I was wondering what colour her eyes were!

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    Neville's Girl
    Does anyone know what year Lily and Hugo are? Or have a general idea?

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    At the time of the Epilogue, Lily is 9 years old, because Harry (or Ginny, I can't remember which) tells her that she'll get to go to Hogwarts in two years.

    And if Hugo is the same age (though I don't have the book on hand to check for sure), then he would also be nine years old.

    And I just wanted to add in a bit about James, personally. He just needs to be AT LEAST in his second year. The epilogue isn't exactly clear on the point in terms of WHAT year he's in, just that it's not his first. He could, really, be anywhere above first year (Second or Third seems likely to me, but anyway ...)

    Just as long as James is still in school and he's above first year, his age will work, as the epilogue doesn't say *precisely* one way or the other.


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    Neville's Girl
    First of all, I am so sorry. I must have been half asleep when I posted earlier. I meant to say Rose and Hugo.

    Thank you for your input, megan_lupin. I think I'll say James is in his second year for my story. Also, would you considor his personality (from what we see) to be George Weasley-ish?

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    I actually felt that James Jr was a lot like James Sr in personality. Confident to the point of arrogance, a little annoying, but easygoing and friendly all the same, if a lot more open-minded and less cruel than his grandfather. Also, although there was no direct description, I imagined him to have black hair and brown eyes. I also got the impression that he was in second year, because of the comment "we wrote to him three times a week last year". Sounds a bit like something you'd do with a first year and not much above that. I'd say he's second year, possibly third, but nothing above that, mostly because of his personality. He just doesn't seem any older than thirteen at the very most. Just consider the snogging comment regarding Teddy and Victoire.

    Wasn't Rose also going to Hogwarts for the first time? Yes, she's described in the book as "wearing her brand new Hogwarts robes", so I'd say she is also eleven, just like Al, and she becomes very solemn when Ron makes the joke about disinheriting his children if they're not in Gryffindor, which means she isn't yet sorted.

    Hope I helped!

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