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Thread: What do we know about Potterwatch?

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    What do we know about Potterwatch?

    I'd be interested in any details I may have missed in my first reading/skimmimg of Deathly Hallows, but I'm particularly interested in where it's broadcast from. I don't remember that the book says. If it doesn't I'm planning on using the back room of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes if that sounds reasonable (which I think it does since they wouldn't want to use Grimmauld Place if Yaxley has access).

    Also, do the books ever say what color eyes Fred and George have? I don't remember the books mentioning that either. :/

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not sure about the eye color, and I am not certain about the broadcasting location. I do remember a bit, though, and since nobody else is answering to back me up...

    One major point about the location is that all of the people on Potterwatch were on the run from the Ministry (aka Voldemort). They couldn't stay in one place for any period of time (similar to the Trio). They may have been using a single place for a while, but they must have moved many times.

    One of the comments made by one of them (River, I think...) was that they had finally found a new place to broadcast from. This suggests that they have been on the run for a while and are running out of hiding places.

    For the purposes of your story, you might be able to put them in one place, as long as it corresponds to the time in DH before they were renegades. But be careful...

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that they were moving around a bit for Potterwatch. Not only to get away from Death Eaters, but to get away from the Ministry (I guess at that time they were connected though...) because of their connection to Harry. I don't blame them, look what happened to the Lovegoods.

    About their eye color. Hmm, well Ron has blue eyes (mentioned in Deathly Hallows), so I guess it wouldn't be completely random to make the twins have blue eyes. Although, maybe it's just me, I've always imagined them to have brown eyes for some reason.


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    Ginny has brown eyes, so it's not entirely unlikely that the twins have brown eyes, either. It's not mentioned in the books, so I suppose it's up to you.

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    In the Lexicon, it says 'eyes unknown' (Link), but then that's probably why you're asking. I always imagined them with green eyes, for some reason. I suppose it's because I like to think they had 'green eyes which glittered malevolently'. As for Potterwatch, I'm pretty sure you're free to place it wherever you want. I get the feeling that they might keep moving around, though, in case the Ministry or the Death Eaters manage to trace the signal. They couldn't go back to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes because they had to go into hiding (that's why they had to continue with the business through a mail-order service), although I suppose it's possible that they managed to sneak in unnoticed to broadcast rather than open the shop.

    Hope that's been of some help, good luck with your story ;o)

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    It would be kicking a dead horse to say that the potterwatchers (yeah, I didn't know it was a word either, but it is now) were moving around, so here's some possible locations:

    -Shell Cottage (probably a last resort or home base type of thing, maybe not broadcast from there because it could be tracked? Someone correct me if I'm wrong)

    -The Room of Requirement (Actually I have no idea whether the RoR could exist for two different people at the same time with different objectives, but maybe in another place)

    -The Hogs Head (in a back room, etc. Fred or George was on first name terms with him 'Aberforth doesn't like this...' etc., I believe, and he seemed willing enough)

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    Just a quick note about the eye color... I don't think it's mentioned, but genetically they could have either blue or brown eyes, perhaps even hazel.

    Since Molly has brown eyes and Ron has blue, Molly has to be split for blue eyes and Arthur has to either have or be a carrier for blue eyes.So the twins could have blue, brown, or in between--hazel. =]

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyRatTail
    They couldn't go back to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes because they had to go into hiding (that's why they had to continue with the business through a mail-order service)
    :/ I seem to have overlooked that fact. Would anyone happen to know exactly where that is stated or exactly when they went into hiding? That could be an extremely large problem for my story.... Oops.

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