Just some background and more in-depth infomation about The Three Broomsticks since my newest WIP will be mostly set there. Some are questions about the menu and things like that, others will be about staffing and housing.

Oh, and it would be lovely if you could drop by and help me out a little with Madam Rosemerta as well. *offers cookies*

Firstly, do you think that during James and Sirus's seventh year at Hogwarts, Rosemerta owned and ran the pub? If she did, would she have a flat over the pub or another one somewhere else in Hogsmeade?

Exactly how much alcohol do you think is served at The Three Broomsticks? I'm guessing that Firewhiskey and Redcurrant Rum are alcoholic, but what about anything else?

And finally, can you order food there? Like fish and chips, or something?

Thanks all!

-- Cammie!