Alrighty then. Yesh, this is a thread on Madam Rosemerta -- and I'm going to ask a few questions.

/lame opening line

*cough* Anyway, I've just begun to plan a Sirius/Rosemerta WIP, and all last night these questions kept popping into my head. So, have at it!

What would you expect her hair/eye color to be? I want to say that she'd be a blonde, most probably dishwasher blonde. And for eye color - maybe blue or brown? Would that be so out of the question?

What do you think her exact age would be - or as close as possible - during the Marauder's seventh year? I'm guessing around 20-something, but I'd like some more clarification.

What do you think her personality would be like? Does she strike you as the type of woman who would welcome a male's advances, or someone who'd kinda "I'm a woman and I can stand up on my own" kind of persona? What about being used to the Hogwarts boys *coughroncough* making goggle eyes at her?

What do you think her attitude to work is? For some reason I see her as one of those "We can do it!" kind of women... *headdesk* Gah.

What about her name? The Mugglenet Encyclopedia says that Rosemerta is most likely her last name - what do you guys think? If it is her last name, what do you think of Heidi for her first name?

I'm also guessing that she's a Half-blood - any thoughts? And I was thinking of putting her in Gryffindor, since that seems the place where she really fits. Again, any thoughts?

Well, I'll come back with the rest. They seem to not want to be posted -- they keep slipping away from me! *grr*

-- Cammie

PS. Regarding the appearance questions, I'm sorry if that's not supposed to be in here, but I thought that it would keep both the newly-cleaned forums tidy if I just asked all my questions in here... if that's okay with you. If it's not, feel free to delete/move.