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Thread: Houses of the Professors

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    red haired mom

    Mods you may lock this thread thank you!

    I have used every research tool available to us, and I still can't find some of the houses for the Professors.

    If you know where these Professors were sorted as students, please let me know.

    Thank you for the help!





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    As far as I'm aware, their houses are never revealed, so you get to put them wherever you want. Fun stuff, eh?

    I'd figure Sinistra and Trewlaney for Ravenclaw, Binns for Hufflepuff, and Lockhart for Slytherin, based on my interpretation of their characters. However, its entirely up to you!

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    red haired mom
    Trelawney in Ravenclaw? Really?

    I was thinking more along the lines of ...

    Sinistra- Ravenclaw

    Trelawney and Binns- Hufflepuff

    But I couldn't think of where to put Lockhart. I guess though, since you are a Slytherin, you would know.

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    I was always under the assumption that Lockhart never attended Hogwarts, because none of his early life is really mentioned by the older professors and his lack of magical ability (except when it came to memory charms, that is!). It was not mandatory to attend, and maybe his mother thought he was too good to go to Hogwarts, and she sort of built up a wall around him to make it seem like he was a talented person. Whoa, that became a lot deeper than planned.. But, I would have probably put him in Slytherin.

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    Noel Weasley
    Sinistra- I thought of her as a Ravenclaw. Don't know, she just struck me that way....

    Trelawney~ I don't think she would be a Gryffindor or a 'Claw. Maybe a Slytherin? Way in there? She could have changed, sorted to early in life?

    Lockhart~ Maybe a Slytherin. I don't know. Sparkelypoo?

    Binns~ Ravenclaw, maybe. He seems smart, but says everything in such a dull monotone sort of thing most of the time, well....


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    red haired mom
    Thanks all of you, majority rules, and all were pretty much the same, so I will go with...

    Sinistra- Ravenclaw

    Trelawney- Ravenclaw

    Binns- Hufflepuff (Not even sure I will use him)

    Lockhart- Slytherin

    You guys are the greatest for helping me with this.


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