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Thread: What years would James II and Albus in at Hogwarts when Lily II joins?

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    Pheonix Tears

    What years would James II and Albus in at Hogwarts when Lily II joins?

    What year would James II and Albus be in when Lily is in her first year?

    Also does anyone know when Cho Changs birth date is? I understand she was in the year above Harry?

    Pheonix Tears

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    A Cappella
    James would probably be in fourth year, while Albus would be in third year (Lily is two years younger than Albus, as revealed in the epilogue).

    Since Cho is a year above Harry, she would've been born in 1979.

    Hope this helps!

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    Albus would be in his third year when young Lily starts at Hogwarts -- she's nine during the epilogue, and they say that she has "two more years" before she can go. As for young James, he would be anywhere from his fourth and above. It isn't directly specified that he's only a year above Albus, but that is more likely (and if that's the case, he'd be in his fourth year when young Lily starts). However, it is also possible that he could be older -- fifth year or so.

    And in terms of Cho, Murray is right, and a more specific answer would be anywhere from September of 1978 to August of 1979, as those in Harry's year could have been born anywhere from September of 1979 (like Hermione) to August of 1980.


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    I'd say that James would be fifth year or above, as he mentions Thestrals in the epilogue, which means he must have taken the carriages at least once.


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