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Thread: Gryffindors Grab the Snitch

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    I'm here!

    "Hugo, you've got to go faster! Speed up, or we'll lose!" Teddy called, whizzing to the scared boy.

    "I don't wanna fall!" he said. Teddy rolled his eyes.

    "Your loss," he replied.

    Meanwhile, the adults had noticed the game outside. Ron saw Hugo clinging to his broom and laughed.

    "I better get him going. He's slower than a flobberworm," said Ron. He sat down his mug and hurried outside. The door slammed and Ginny snorted.

    "Lily's so going to kick his ass."


    "Woah, she's a fiesty one!" exlaimed James, pointing at little Lily, speeding fearlessly up the pitch.
    Hehe... this is going to be a good match.


    EDIT: I fixed the word count. It's a hundred now.

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    The three watched as she zipped and dived around the pitch. “She’s feisty, alright,” Remus added.

    “Not unlike another Lily I could mention,” said James playfully. Lily ignored this as she watched Ron run out of the house towards Hugo.

    “Can we please stop talking?” pleaded Sirius.


    “Hugo, go faster!” Ron urged. “You’re not going to fall, I promise!”

    Hugo looked around nervously and then sped up the tiniest bit.

    “Come on, girls! Let’s beat these boys!” called Alice loudly as she sped past Hugo.

    “You’ll try,” said James.

    “And succeed!” shouted Victoire while looking at Teddy, who blushed furiously.
    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a copy of DH handy? My mom has mine, but we've been spelling 'Victoire' three different ways, and I'm not sure which one is canon...

    - Katie

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    Ron had gotten on his broom and was flying next to Hugo, who was looking paler by the moment. Meanwhile, on the ground, Hermione looked just as nervous as her son.

    “Are sure he’ll be alright?” asked Hermione nervously.

    “Hermione, stop worrying,” said Harry. “He’ll be just fine.”

    Meanwhile, Fred Weasley was having the time of his life. He had just hit one of the Bludgers towards Lily, who had to duck to avoid it.

    “Look at him,” Harry was saying. “Fred’s a natural. Kind of reminds me of you and Fred.”

    George nodded, a tear sliding down his face.
    I checked the spelling for Victoire. It's spelled: Victoire. I'll go edit my posts with the changes.

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    “Come on, Celestia!” Victoire called to her sister. “Get on the broom!”

    Celestia looked at her broom with some apprehension, mounted it slowly, and took off. “Like this?”

    “Just like that,” said Teddy, glancing at Victoire, who gave him a wink.


    “Ah, young love,” sighed Sirius melodramatically.

    “You’re just jealous, Padfoot,” said James pointedly.

    “You wish you had women as amazing as ours,” Remus added with a smirk.

    Tonks and Lily blushed furiously.

    “That’s hardly the point, you two,” Sirius retorted.

    “Actually, as my husband is Prongs, I think he knows all about points,” Lily said.

    Sirius grumbled an unintelligible reply.
    That's the next bit!

    - Katie


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    Okay, guys, I'll write next, but first... We're having a bit of a problem. The last QWC, one team (can't remember who) got DQ'ed for not sticking to the 100-words-per-post rule. I have a Word document that says we have a 1,416 word count. Which means that people have been going over. I checked when I posted last night, and it had an even 1,000 word count, so it's from things today, so... pretty please go over your posts and make sure that the actual QWC bit is NO MORE than 100 words.

    ~Becca, who worships teh lovely referees and is terrified of their total power over all things QWC

    EDIT: Well, yes. I fixed that. But now it's 1,503. So pretty please check?

    With all the children now in the air, the game began. “Throw your bat at her, Fred!” Teddy cried as Alice flew by him, Quaffle in her arms.

    “Teddy, that’s an illegal move! Penalty shot for us!” cried Victoire as Fred’s bat soared through the air- thankfully, far away from everyone.

    “That shouldn’t count. He didn’t have to listen to me,” Teddy argued.

    “You didn’t have to tell him to, but you did anyway! Penalty shot for the girls! Alice, you take it,” Victoire said.

    Alice aimed carefully, drew her arm back, and threw the Quaffle with all her might.

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    The reason for that - I JUST checked - is that when we post *** it's counted as a word. Not sure how we can fix this...

    - Katie *will post after Becca*

    EDIT: Here's the next bit!

    Everyone watched with bated breath as the Quaffle soared from Alice’s fingertips and straight into the center goal hoop.

    Teddy slapped his hand to his forehead in mock frustration.

    “Good job!” cried Victoire, who was talking to Alice but watching Teddy.

    “Oh no!” James cried. “Ten points! We’ll NEVER get up to ten whole points!”

    Everyone rolled their eyes as James continued in this sarcastic vein.

    “Looks like he has your sense of sarcasm down, Prongs,” teased Remus.

    “Sarcasm? Why, whatever do you mean?” asked James Senior, faking surprise.

    “QUIET!” Sirius shouted, causing everyone to jump. “They’re starting up again.”

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    *huggles Katie* Thank you!!!!!!! *loves teh QWC oh-so-much*

    Fred had the Quaffle this time, and was flying tentatively down the pitch. With each metre travelled, though, he gained confidence and speed. Soon he was soaring, the wind blowing his hair back. He reached the girl’s goal and lobbed the Quaffle towards the left goal.

    Victoire seemingly came out of nowhere and slapped the Quaffle off course with the tail end of her broom. Lily, who was below, caught the Quaffle and looked frightened.

    “Fly, Lily!” called Rose. “Come on, you can do it!”

    Lily began to move forward, clutching her broom tightly, the Quaffle tucked under her arm.

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    Albus flew next to his little sister. Lily protectively wrapped her arm around the Quaffle. He backed off, afraid to hurt his little sister.

    “Don’t be afraid to hit her,” yelled James. “She’s not going to break.”

    “Hey!” Lily yelled.

    Still, Albus looked reluctant. He quickly flew to the other side of the pitch, leaving Lily free to score.

    Lily aimed the Quaffle at the goal, but Teddy managed to block this one, and threw it to Albus. Albus looked scared at the thought of being responsible for the ball, and quickly threw it to James, who looked positively gleeful.
    Sorry I haven't been around. School's been horrible lately.

    ~ Teresa

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    James zoomed down the pitch, totally contrasting his siblings and cousins who had been so tentative. Soaring through the air, the wind blowing in his face, he looked almost more at home on his broom then he did walking on the ground.


    “Merlin, James, he looks like you did during your first game at Hogwarts,” Remus said. “Don’t you think, Sirius?”

    “No talking. Watch game.”

    “Sirius, come on, you can’t expect-”

    “No talking. Watch game. IN SILENCE.”

    “Pain,” Remus muttered.

    “Annoyance,” Sirius countered, his eyes on the scene below them.


    “QUIET. NOW,” Tonks said, glaring at both of them.
    Ladedah. QWC almost over. Write fast!!!


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    James had now reached the other side of the pitch. He dove to the left to score, and Victoire followed, covering her left hoop. At the last moment, James swerved and threw the Quaffle through the right hoop. Victoire wasn’t quick enough, and the ball soared through.

    “And that’s how you tie a game!” said James triumphantly.

    Everyone on the pitch – even his teammates – rolled their eyes at the same time as James did a victory lap.

    “The game’s not over yet!” shouted Rose, who, until now, had been silent.

    Getting the Quaffle, Rose sped down the pitch alarmingly fast.
    *ish writing fast*

    By the way, Becca, that last bit made me laugh.

    - Katie

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