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Thread: Gryffindors Grab the Snitch

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    Don't the adults have to get involved?

    A/N: It seems that every time I post, I invariably add the adults. I guess I just love them too much.

    "Watch me, daddy!" Rose called, looking down. However, the distraction created an excellent opening, one that her brother gladly took.

    "See me, mum?" Hugo shouted. "I got the Quaffle!"

    Hermione cheered. "You do have it!" she said squeakily. Then, whispering to Harry, she added, "Will he be safe?" Harry chuckled.

    "Come on, Hermione. He's better than you, at any rate." She punched him playfully on the arm. He nudged her back, then put his eyes back on Albus.

    Up above, the others continued to watch the game.

    "He's such a good teacher," Tonks breathed, holding Remus tight. "Just like you."
    Wow, I got a hundred on my first try. And when is the QWC over? We need to hurry. How shall it end?


    EDIT: I reread the other stuff and realised mine doesn't make much sense. Or does it? I like it loads, but if it doesn't work I'll change it.

    EDIT: I fixed it!

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    Stubby, you have a good idea here. It just needs to be edited to fit with what we already have.

    Edit the drabble so that Rose is the one who drops the Quaffle. Have Hugo, who has Ron flying next to him, catch the Quaffle. Show Hugo being very excited. Have Ron fly back to the ground as Hugo flys towards the goal. Hugo should score. Don't include the dead people - you might not have enough words to do that. If you need filler, include Hermione asking Harry if Hugo is going to all right. Please try to edit it ASAP.

    As for the ending, I'm thinking of leaving the game a tie. Wtih Hugo scoring another goal for the boys, we just need to give the girls another goal. Then you could bring Bill and Fleur into it by having one of them announce it is time for lunch or something. It can end with the dead people having some kind of conversation about it.

    Let me know what you think.

    ~ Teresa

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    “C’mon, Rose!” cried Celestia. But the sudden cry startled Rose, and she dropped the Quaffle.

    Hugo, flying underneath her, caught the Quaffle with surprising ease and turned around. He soared towards the goal, faked a pass to James, and tossed the Quaffle straight through the girl’s middle hoop.

    “Wow, Hugo, good job,” said Rose, looking surprised. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

    “Neither did I,” he replied.

    Victoire threw the Quaffle to Celestia, who headed down the pitch. She passed to Alice, who hurled it way across the pitch to Rose, who still looked dumbstruck over her brother’s success.
    2-1 boys. Girls scoring and then lunch ending the game sounds like a good way to go to me. Write fast! Yay QWC! /craziness


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    Come on, someone - now we just need an ending! (Or one that's better than mine, anyway...)

    Rose managed to get over her shock and caught the Quaffle. She quickly flew forward and sunk it through Teddy’s unguarded right hoop.

    “It’s a tie now, boys!” Lily shouted, not trying to contain her enthusiasm.

    “Eet iz time for lunch!” Fleur called.

    “Yeah, everyone, time for lunch,” Bill said, echoing his wife.

    There was a slight outbreak of grumbling at this, but everyone got off their brooms and headed indoors; tired, but happy. Bringing up the rear were Teddy and Victoire, who were holding hands. Bill saw this and smiled slightly.


    “Aw, look how cute they are!” cooed Tonks.
    - Katie

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    “I don’t think they’re dating yet. Who wants to bet on when they’ll start?” asked Sirius, a devilish grin on his face.

    “I’d prefer not to bet on my son’s dating life,” Remus said dryly.

    “Definitely before summer’s over,” James replied.

    “No, I’ll bet they’ll have snogged before summer’s over but they won’t go on a proper date until Victoire’s first or second Hogsmeade weekend,” Lily answered.

    “First or second? Choose one,” demanded Sirius.

    “Oh, fine! Second, then.”

    “OI! Teddy’s dating life shouldn’t be-”

    Tonks sighed and patted her husband’s shoulder. “Oh, lighten up, Remus. I’m in, Sirius. I bet…”
    *pets Katie* You'll get your reward now! *goes to send chapter 6*

    Yay for QWC!!! Boo for QWC being over. Yay for us finishing!!! Boo for QWC being over. /luff-hate debate


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    Boo-hoo! /whining

    Ah, Godric. I miss everything. Blast me and my terrible memory.

    So it's over, is it? I barely got to post. Although, I think we've got a wonderful story that will best the others. Maybe next time I'll remember that the game is on.

    I'm going to make us some QWC spirit avatars.

    Is it done? (She asks again, annoyingly.)


    EDIT: *huff* I reread, and I suppose it is. Ah, well. I'm terrible. *skulk*

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