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Thread: Gryffindors Grab the Snitch

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    Gryffindors Grab the Snitch

    Here is where the Gryffindor Team will post our QWC entry. To get us started:

    A tall man was kneeling on a clear, glass floor. He was looking down at a large, green field. He ruffled his messy black hair before turning around.

    “Lily, come take a look.”

    A red haired woman entered the room. She walked over to the man, and knelt beside him.

    “What is it, James?” she asked impatiently.

    “Look, they’re learning how to play Quidditch,” James said excitedly.


    “So, Lily? It’s a big deal. You don’t understand; learning how to play Quidditch is a huge part of growing up.”

    “Like riding a bike?” asked Lily.


    “Never mind,” Lily muttered.
    ~ Teresa

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    *<3's the QWC*

    “Wait- is that Teddy?” James asked, squinting down at the field.

    “I think so,” replied Lily, bending over to take a closer look.

    “He’s big… I’d better- OI! Remus! Tonks! Sirius!”

    “What? What’s wrong?” Tonks asked as she and Remus appeared.

    “I think Teddy’s teaching the little ones Quidditch,” replied James.

    “Oh, amazing! I wondered when the kids would ask to learn. Frankly, I’m surprised they haven’t asked already,” Remus said as he dropped to his knees beside James.

    “Well, what’s happening?” Sirius asked as he squeezed in between Remus and James.

    “Quidditch,” Lily replied. “Come on, let’s listen in.”

    *hates 50 character limit*

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    Here's my bit!

    “Okay, Albus, good! Just be careful not to,” Teddy began, as Albus fell off his broom, “fall.”
    “I’m okay!” chirped Albus happily.


    “Lily,” James whispered, “he has your eyes. He’s the only one.”
    She gasped, and her emerald eyes filled with tears. “You’re right,” she whispered.
    “Shh,” Sirius interrupted, not caring much about the sentimental moment the couple were sharing. “Let’s just watch, okay?”
    Lily nodded as James stroked her auburn hair.


    “Doing great, James!” Teddy yelled up to the soaring child, who was clearly having the time of his life. The other children just watched him soar.
    (Sorry about the asterisk things... it's a habit of mine to do that when we're switching between the Living and the Dead. You don't have to keep them in the final entry.)]

    - Katie

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    Here's the next bit.

    Teddy was walking around the kids, giving advice and helping them get up. It took a little while, but soon all of them were flying around the yard. Teddy smiled and whistled to get their attention. All of them landed in circle around Teddy.

    “Now it’s time to teach you the rules of Quidditch.”

    Rose Weasley raised her hand.

    “Yes, Rose,” said Teddy.

    “What do Beaters do?” she asked.

    “They hit the Bludgers, the black balls, at the other team.”

    “My dad and Uncle Fred used to be Beaters,” said Fred Weasley proudly. “They were on the Gryffindor Quidditch team.”
    Katie, I like the idea the idea of using the asterisks to seperarte the living and the dead. It keeps things neater.

    ~ Teresa

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    C'mon, team, let's keep going! This is awesome and I know we can rock this competition!

    “What do Seekers do?” asked Lily.

    “Seekers try to catch the Golden Snitch. It’s very little, and it flies very fast, so it’s hard to see.”

    “Dad was a Seeker when he was at school,” Albus said. “He won the House Cup for Gryffindor loads of times.”

    “What about Chasers?” asked James. “Mom was a Chaser.”

    “Slow up!” laughed Teddy. “I’ll tell you everything, but you’ve got to let me talk, okay?” The kids nodded solemnly. “Okay. Chasers try to get the Quaffle- the red ball- and score goals with it. And Keepers try to keep the Chasers from scoring.”

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    “Okay, but what about the other balls?” asked Albus.

    “Well, the black ones are called Bludgers, and they fly around trying to hit you,” Teddy replied.

    Rose and Lily looked at the Bludgers, which were struggling to break free from their bindings, with some apprehension.

    “I want to be a Seeker, just like dad!” James blurted out. “Can I? Please, please, pretty please, can I be the Seeker?”

    Teddy sighed. “Yes, James, you can be the Seeker,” he replied.

    “Yippee!” yelled James, pumping a fist in the air.


    “Aw, look at that. My namesake is a Seeker!” James said.
    Teresa, glad you like the asterisks! ^_^

    - Katie

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    “James reminds me so much of you, Prongs,” said Sirius

    “Of course he does. He is my grandson, after all,” James replied, looking proudly down at his grandson.

    * * *

    Fred was tugging on Teddy’s sleeve.

    “Can I be a Beater?” Fred begged. “Please?”

    “Sure,” Teddy replied casually.

    Fred never looked happier in his life. Meanwhile, Lily looked nervously at the Bludgers.

    “Does it hurt to get hit by one of those?” she asked.

    “Well usually they do. But these ones are specially enchanted, so they won’t hurt if they hit you.”

    “Good,” said Rose, “because those look heavy.”
    It's looking good so far, so let's keep this up.

    ~ Teresa

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    “They do look heavy,” murmured Lily nervously.

    “But they’re not,” Teddy assured her. “I promise.”


    “Aw, she’s scared!” Lily and Tonks chorused as the three Marauders rolled their eyes.

    “Little Lily’s got nothing to be scared of,” James assured Lily.

    “Look at Ted!” Lupin cried as he watched him help the children onto their brooms, being careful not to let any of them fall. “He’s so grown up.”

    “Yes, he is,” agreed Tonks, “I just wish we would have been there longer.”

    Sirius looked at the two couples, rolled his eyes a second time, and began to watch again.

    - Katie *still needs 50*

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    Here is the next section.

    "Who wants to play?" Teddy asked.

    James, Albus, Lily, Rose, and Fred raised their hands, along with Hugo Weasley.

    “Then we can have two teams, three players each. I can play for both teams.” Teddy started.

    “Add on another about three others,” said a girl’s voice. “That’ll give us two teams with five players each. Sound fair?”

    Just then, Victoire Weasley, her little sister Celestia, and Fred’s younger sister Alice. Teddy rolled his eyes.

    “Fine, you guys can play too,” Teddy muttered, glaring at Victorie. “How do you want to make the teams?”

    “Boys against girls,” said Victoire. Teddy smiled.
    ~ Teresa


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    “All right then. Prepare to loose!” taunted Teddy as the girls gathered around Victorie.

    “Oh, you wish,” responded Victoire. “We’re going to kick butt, right, girls?”

    “Right!” they chorused as they looked up at Victoire.


    “Aw, I think Teddy and Victoire like each other,” Lily said. “They’d make a cute couple, don’t you think?”

    “Can we not talk?” Sirius asked, exasperated. “They’re starting.”


    Hugo flew slowly towards the girls’ goals. “Go, Hugo! Faster!” cried James

    “I’m scared!” Hugo called back, still flying at about five kilometres per hour.

    Teddy abandoned the boys’ goal and flew up to Hugo.

    I reallllllllllllllllly hate the 50 character rule.

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