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Thread: Being British Act VI

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    I was wondering what a good slang word might be for what I'm looking for. I already have a word, but I'm pretty sure that it's american. It is a slightly vulgar word, so highlight between the arrows to see it.


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    This is a tough one. You could perhaps use "know-it-all" or something similar to that and I think you are correct. The word you mentioned is not used very frequently in the UK.

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    Clever dick my granddad says.
    Smart arse works as well.
    And smartass too.

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    "Smart alec", "smarty pants", "big head" or perhaps "cocky" (you could always add the words 'git' or 'pratt' for extra effect). You could also use the phrase 'too big for your/his/her boots', I've always loved that one.

    It depends if it's description or dialogue and who's saying it, though.

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    Smartass wouldn't be English, though - thought I'd clarify that.


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    I've heard it. Not quite as common, but used. Though I'd suggest using something else.

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    I agree about the barbecue. The rain in Britain's pretty well constant at that time of year (so it would be kind of hard to do a barbecue. As for traditions, there's fireworks (obviously), and sometimes a bonfire, which people put a dummy stuffed with straw on (known as a guy) to burn, even though the orginal Guy Fawkes was actually hung, drawn and quartered, not burnt at the stake...It isn't really a holiday as such. Just an excuse to explode stuff these days.

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    squirrly donut
    Could someone describe to me wht type of trains they have at King's Cross, and the station in general? Also, how do you think the station and trains will look in another ten years or so?

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    This will be linked based because a photo is easier than a description.

    Kings Cross Passenger Info

    General Kings Cross Info (The image of the train half way down is a good example of a local services train.)

    Typical Kings Cross to Leeds/Newcastle/Edingburgh Locomotive (There are many of these locomotives and they all have names. This one is The Samaritans but there are others; The City of Durham always seems to be opposite me when I catch my train at Leeds. They do the main London to North East run from Kings Cross so if your character is coming North then they would probably be on one of these.)

    Speaking of which, here is the City of Durham without carriages.

    I can't see there being any significant changes to the trains in the next ten years. much of the current rolling stock is ancient and there seems to be no hurry to update it. That said, the government may be forced to seriously upgrade rail transport if they bring in road pricing, but I can't see that happening soon.

    An excellent site for finiding rail routes is the Trainline. You can enter a start point and a destination and it will give you the routes and times. Of course this is current timetables only so won't be relevant if you're going back in time too far, but a lot of it will not be much different to ten years ago and will give you a good idea of routes available.

    Also, when writing about King's Cross in the past it has to be remembered that there was a serious fire on the Underground there in 1987 which caused many deaths and seriously impacted on services.

    The rain in Britain's pretty well constant at that time of year (so it would be kind of hard to do a barbecue.
    We have had no significant rain in October or November thus far this year. It's impossible to generalise about weather in Britain because Britain takes great delight in proving us wrong . Last month there were mutterings of hosepipe bans. Our major rainfall fell in June/July this year. Last year June and July presented heatwave conditions. A few years ago we had serious floods throughout October. It's one of the main reasons that weather is such a hot topic, because it's as unpredicable as a Snitch.
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    Pheonix Tears
    I think what everyone is trying to say, is that the weather around our beloved countries is fairly unpredictable and turbulant.

    For example where I live at the moment its just plain cold.

    As Evie just said in Wales it has been flooding.

    I suppose it all really depends on location! If you want help in weather from the South West, I'm your girl!

    - Elle

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