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Thread: Contagious Wizarding Diseases

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    Contagious Wizarding Diseases


    My latest fic has Hermione working in St Mungo's as a Healer. She's working in the contagious diseases department, and before I get into the real plot of the story, I need to set the scene a little with the sort of diseases and patients she might see. This is what the Lexicon says:

    Second Floor: Magical Bugs
    (Contagious maladies, e.g., dragon pox, vanishing sickness, scrofungulus)
    I already had dragon pox down as one, vanishing sickness sounds quite fun and although I have no idea what scrofungulus is, I'm sure I can invent something.

    My question was what sort of other diseases and names of the diseases do you guys think she'd come across. I'm having a bit of trouble inventing the sort of magical diseases I think she'd see, and thought maybe you guys would have some creative ideas!

    *Hopes that you do* lol,

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Ryan The Wizard
    Scrofungulus sounds like a certain type of fungus on the scrotum, which is area of male genitalia. I'll leave it to your imaginations for the rest.

    How about having some kind of flu that diminishes magical power for a while, or a type of cancer for wizards and witches? Something that even magic and potions can't cure?

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    Cancer isn't contagious.

    If you think about it, Lycanthropy is a contagious disease. It's transferred by fluids, kind of like various STDs, and I always thought that was a virus. I also like the idea of a flu that diminishes magic. Where have I read that before...?

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    Spattergroit definitely sounds contagious from the way it was described in DH. Apparently it was so contagious that Ron would have to be kept away from school and that no-one would come to take a closer look.

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