My latest fic has Hermione working in St Mungo's as a Healer. She's working in the contagious diseases department, and before I get into the real plot of the story, I need to set the scene a little with the sort of diseases and patients she might see. This is what the Lexicon says:

Second Floor: Magical Bugs
(Contagious maladies, e.g., dragon pox, vanishing sickness, scrofungulus)
I already had dragon pox down as one, vanishing sickness sounds quite fun and although I have no idea what scrofungulus is, I'm sure I can invent something.

My question was what sort of other diseases and names of the diseases do you guys think she'd come across. I'm having a bit of trouble inventing the sort of magical diseases I think she'd see, and thought maybe you guys would have some creative ideas!

*Hopes that you do* lol,

Any help would be appreciated!