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Thread: Full Moon One-Shot Challenge

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    Yeah, I messaged leah, and she said that the power had been out at her house. Still, I'm really hoping the results get posted soon.

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    Results will be posted by tomorrow, I am going through the entries now.

    I'm sorry this has taken so long, life decided to be ebil.


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    *gasp!* Leah is posting results?! Tis true.

    First place, with an amazing entry (I wished I was blind), Celestial Melody!

    Second place, with a lovely story, megan_lupin!

    Third place, with a beautiful entry, Love_is_4ever!

    I also need to give a shout out to x2pttrclue32 for an hilarious one-shot that I loved! You get an honorable mention... but don't get any extra points because you are the token male. Sorry, dear.

    Everyone did really well and I had a hard time choosing! I am sorry you all had to wait so long, hopefully, next time I do this RL won't decide to go crazy.


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    I placed? Really? *faints*

    Oh. My. Godric. *is extremely happy*

    ~ Samarie

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    Oh a big, GIANT,


    to all the placers! I haven't read much of the entries, but those that I have were BRILLIANT.

    And, YAY, my story got Second Place! Sirius and Harry, as the stars of the fic, are very pleased. They told me so!


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